Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Theological Wednesday....

I guess I should'a waited a day and gone with Theological Thursday, but hey.... always expect the unexpected with CMNS!

This page is from the awesome JLA: Paradise Lost Mini Series. Check out the rule on suicide:

Okay, are we together? According to this, suicide is an instant ticket to Hell. I don't really buy that, of course, but it's just a comic, so let's go with that. Even Zauriel, an angel in good standing with God who can only be killed because he agreed to give up immortality to walk among people, can't take his own life. Okay? According to this, the angel himself will go to Hell if he takes his own life.

Fast Forward to JLA: Judgment Day. One group of heroes is in Hell, this group just left Heaven and went to Purgatory, where otherwise good men can't get into Heaven because of their moral compromises. Hey, who's that? :

Yup, that's the Vigilante. Anyone besides me remember how he died? For non-comic readers, he blew his own brains out in Vigilante Vol. 1 No. 50. And it wasn't one of those, "the reader comes in after the fact so who knows what really happened" things. We were there while he thought about it, loaded the gun, and pulled the trigger.

On the one hand, I liked Adrian Chase, and was glad to see he didn't go to Hell for an unfortunate end to an otherwise well-intentioned existence. Then again, while I'm not a tremendous stickler for continuity, isn't this something that we should settle at the editorial meetings before things go to print?

Anyone wanna try and explain how Vig got around that one?

I know - it wasn't very funny, but it bugged me. How's this:

I'm sure many a child reading comics in the sixties needed a new set of dentures. From DuPont, no less!


Sea-of-Green said...

Just goes to show that old fogies like us have been reading comics since the dawn of time. ;-)

Maybe Vigilante was really a Skrull!

Actually, I don't know how that could possibly work, but "Skrull" is the all-purpose excuse these days. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a second.

Flagg wasn't actually DEAD then, was he?


SallyP said...

Wait...it's MAGIC! That's how we can explain EVERYTHING these days!

Although Skrulls also works.