Monday, January 28, 2008

Surreal Superboy Monday!

Here's a trifecta of Superboy weirdness courtesy of contributor sPat!

Yes, folks. Superboy is bending light itself. Remember when Johnny Storm made a "heat mirage" by making a bundle of dynamite appear that was really 100 feet underground? Same principle. Could totally happen. At least, that's what I'll tell my brother-in-law, right after I tell him how wrong he is in a diagnosis because it completely conflicts with something I saw on House. It's fun to watch smart people get migraines from stupidity.


Two Questions: Is this supposed to be the real Johnny Carson? And what was he doing with those glasses in the locker room?


This explains so much about Superman....


Sea-of-Green said...

Clark went to school with Johnny Carson? COOL.

And Clark was once a GIRL!?! Wow. That's even worse than Guy Gardner getting turned into a girl.

SallyP said...

You know, Smallville is one really strange little town.

Oh, and Guy was MUCH prettier as a girl than Clark.

Anonymous said...

Looks like being assigned to the Gay City story changed Clark in more ways than we predicted.

Adam Barnett said...

Guy Gardner was turned into a girl? And I wasn't informed????

SallyP said...

Try Guy Gardner: Warrior. It was called "A Gender Bender in the Blender" by Beau Smith, and it was hilarious.

Dave said...

Eight pages of the Gal Gardner story are here:, and the rest of the Super-Sister story can be found here:

Say what you will, Super-Sister was hot -- as was Claire, for that matter.