Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Pimpin' Thursday!

Maybe it's just me, but look at this picture of the upcoming Wonder Woman figure that Mike pointed out from the latest issue of Previews, one of but many fine publications I never bother to read:

Okay, now that you've seen it, help me out here. Is it the angle, or is she basically stradling that skirt? I mean, it seems to go right between her legs up front and then goes out the back. There's really not a whole lot of "skirtage" going on there. Is this some sort of Amazonian tampon device of which I'm not familiar? And hello to everyone who found this site by Googling "Amazonian tampon device!"


Superboy - always the pimp.

And, by the way, if a chick ever comes after you with a tennis racket, it's probably time to re-evaluate how healthy the relationship truly is. The fact that she can't hurt you is irrelevant. The fact that she has it in her to whack you with a tennis racket (or baseball bat, or croquet mallet, or even a shuttlecock (hi again, Googlers!) ) tells you this might not be the best girl for you.

Can't blame the girls, though. Chicks love a man who knows how to handle his wood:

Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week! Try the fish and tip your waitress!

I especially groove on the chorus of chicks sighing in unison. That was what constituted girl-on-girl action back in the day...

Wow, Lois. That's some inner monologue you've got going there. Lots of detail and such.

Lois strikes me as one of those folks you never ask questions because you know the answer will be longer than a Pink Floyd guitar solo. Can you imagine what she'll be like when she's elderly?

"Miss Lane, did you want peas or carrots with lunch today?"

"You know, I'm used to having peas and carrots as one dish. Sometimes, I get a little of both and mix them together if they aren't mixed already. I don't know when they quit packaging peas and carrots together. Maybe that's what they call 'mixed vegetables,' with the addition of corn, green beans, and limas. Some folks call lima beans 'Great Northern Beans.' They also started calling prunes 'Dried Plums,' because people didn't like the sound of 'prunes.' I can also recall when cereals had sugar in their title, like Kellog's Sugar Frosted Flakes and Super Sugar Crisp and Sugar Smacks. They didn't change the recipe, just the name. Like when Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC. You wouldn't think they'd fool anyone, but sure enough, this generation thinks of them as KFC. I like my fuzzy slippers."

There is no cure.....


SallyP said...

Adam, Lois's internal monologue concerning peas and carrots was simply...genius.

However, if someone comes at me with a shuttlecock, it really isn't quite a serious as a croquet mallet. The shuttlecock is the birdie in badminton, not the raquet.


Adam Barnett said...

Oh, I know. But raquet didn't sound dirty, and you can never pass up the chance to use the term "shuttlecock."

Shuttlecock, shuttlecock, shuttlecock!

De said...

Can shuttlecock be used as a verb?

I shuttlecock all day long, for instance?

Adam Barnett said...

Sockamagee, yes! Shuttlecock to your heart's content!

Anonymous said...

Is that vacuous, moronic, eyes-are-different-sizes stare on Superboy's face in the second panel the result of his having been shuttlecocked?

SallyP said...

It's like dealing with two-year olds! Shuttlecock indeed!

By the way, in all the excitement, did anyone notice that Wonder Woman apparently has a bird perched on her forehead?

THAT'S the Shuttlecock!