Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spring-Cleaning Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a great MLK weekend! Let's clean out the joke closet, shall we?

Remember last week, when Ma and Pa Kent were so lonely for their alien son that they adopted an alien son loaner for a month? Ever wonder what happened to him? Wonder no more!

Isn't it great how people used to toss big hunks of trash into the ocean and it was no big deal? Got a flaming wreckage and don't know where to put it? Well, screw the dolphins, because the ocean is really just the world's toilet, right?


The following is my last A Christmas Story reference of the season:

It was.... soap poisoning!

And I'm not saying I would be any less hysterical if I went blind, but I expect the so-called "World's Greatest Super-Hero" to be a little less wussified...


A beauty from eagle-eyed reader sPat:

I think that's overstating it, Perry. I'm sure Gay City doesn't have much of a social scene for women, but that hardly qualifies as dangerous....


FoldedSoup said...


I'm stealing that Gay City panel.

And that's a really strange way of artistically showing eye strain. Huh.

Oh, and Cyclops says, "Man up, Francis!"

Michael Jones said...

I agree that dropping flaming heaps of burning metal into the sea is environmentally unsound, but aren't there passengers on board? What's he plan to do with them?
What does "D-vision" stand for? dreary? dumb? doleful?

SallyP said...

Yeah, I was wondering if there were any people on that plane too. And considering they live in Kansas, isn't it a loooooooong way to an ocean to dump it in?

Gosh, Clark is a wuss.

I'm not touching that last one with a ten foot pole.

De said...

I'm told Gay City is the happiest place on Earth.