Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Future's Sorta Bright.....

I have a tremendous brain capable of amazing mental powers.... just as all men will one day!

Every time I hear this, I just can't help but think we are deluding ourselves as a species. I mean, how much have our brains really evolved in the last three thousand years? Not much.

And what are we doing now to further the evolutionary process? Are our brains going to continue to improve with passing generations because we follow American Idol and can play on our X-Boxes for 12 hours without taking a bathroom break? I doubt this very much.

No, let's get real. Instead of enlarged craniums, we're going to have brains the size of chick peas and thumb muscles capable of burrowing through concrete. I have seen the future, Future Man, and I think the only thing you got right is probably the yellow jumpsuit.

Wow! Slow news day, was it? Big Robbery Two Weeks Ago And We Still Don't Know Anything. And that's front page news!


Dave said...

Even worse, the robbery was two months ago.

And if it's so durned important, why is Clark fooling around with that fancy slot machine?

Siskoid said...

Sounds like my local paper to me.

SallyP said...

I really don't think that our craniums and or brain size can possibly increase THAT much in the future, unless our female pelvises also increase, in order for these giant noggins to pass through the birth canal. And you thought child-birth was tough NOW!


Oh, and I guess it must have been a very slow news day.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the average IQ level is increasing with each passing generation. In part, thanks to the increased flow of information we're getting to consume from an early age. I'm not so sure about the giant brain thing, but human being are getting smarter.