Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Canine-Crazy Tuesday!

Because dogs rock!

This was an acquired taste. At first, my eyes rolled into the back of my head at just how silly this story had become. A giant Krypto with space rabies. Because we all know dogs normally get rabies from radiation exposure, so it only makes sense that Krypto would get rabies, only more so. Right? Right?

But then I re-read the first panel. Come here, Krypto, so that I might discipline you! Uh... Krypto? Why are you growling at me with your jaws wide open? It's the total "oh sh!t" thing going on there that actually makes this one of my favorite panel sequences, ever.


I have a few questions:

How do you chemically treat fabric to make it freakin' bulletproof?

Is it even necessary to make it bulletproof? I mean, Krypto's already bulletproof, so I'm not sure what the point is here?

What the heck is Pa Kent doing with big straps of leather in his store? There's only one kind of store I can think of that sells those, and I'm surprised they didn't have an ordinance against it in 1930's Smallville, Kansas.


Interesting fact you can use to impress your friends: Superboy is apparently a dog himself. Thanks to contributor sPat for pointing that out!


De said...

How was Krypto cured of his Space Rabies? Was it Pa Kent's leather straps?

FoldedSoup said...

...a tear-jerking ending scene involving a Kryptonian shotgun and a heartbroken yet resolute young Clark?

And "Come here, Krypto, so that I might discipline you!" is Silver Age ... er.. GOLD!

Krypto: Ah HAH! The worm has finally turned, my teeny tiny "Master!"

Erich said...

And is a giant needle really that useful?

SallyP said...

Yeah, I can handle Space Rabies, and even Pa Kent and his leather fetish, but is the giant needle really necessary? Did he also make a giant spool of thread?

sasseriansection said...

If one does not bulletproof one's attire, whenever one stops said bullet he'd need to purchase or produce a new costume.

Another odd fact: space rabies and space aids were actually scheduled as the 10th and 11th plague of egypt, however it was removed once it was realized that Egypt isn't, exactly, in space.

Anonymous said...

Space Rabies has to be the greatest idea ever!
Think about it. Krypto is already freaking insane. Add to that the Space Canine Patrol Agency, the Phantom Zone Cats and now Space Rabies and you get a heady blend of crazy. Please, please tell me somewhere out there are giant Space Fleas or Space Worms!

That's the beauty of silver age Superboy - nothing was too much.
"Let's make Krypto a giant."
"OK, how 'bout we give him rabies too?"
"What about Space Rabies?"
"Now you're cookin' - run with it."

And another legend is born.

Anonymous said...

Oh and as for the giant needle: it's a GIANT cape people! C'mon, what else are you going to sew it with?