Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Children are Already Smarter than I am....

I read this panel 6 times trying to figure out what this kid wants for his birthday. "Emenee" is the brand name, but what the heck is a thermo/craft workshop?

I don't know how I'd react if my kid asked for this. On the one hand, it sounds expensive and could quite possibly be used to make meth. On the other hand, if my kid were smart enough to ask for one it would probably pay for itself, particularly if it were used to make meth.

I love the Silver Age. There's a one-eyed monster guy, liquid flying everywhere, and no one is supposed to think anything dirty.

Yeah, okay, they're water pellets. I don't know that water pellets are anything worth getting all spastic over, either. It ain't like you're packing Thor's hammer there, pally. My idea was a little gross, but the truth isn't anything worth waking grandma up from her nap over either, know what I mean?

But thank you for clarifying that.


Anonymous said...

The answer to all you seek!


Dave said...

That link is just as remember it -- with two exceptions. One is that it was impossible to cut those damn pieces of plastic in a straight line, so all your resulting toys didn't fit together and looked like crap.

The other is that the blade that cut the foam was about a durable as dental floss, so if you pushed too hard, it'd break.

The whole thing was good for about an hour of "fun," before you'd throw up your hands and play with something that worked.

Anonymous said...

As an Anime fan, I'm required to make the obligatory joke about the garage kit being a literal garage kit but not a true garage kit...