Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sue Storm, Uber-Parent

Sue is apparently one of those idiots that thinks that anything in comic form is perfectly suitable for young children. I remember when I saw Batman Returns for the first time and, I swear to you, there was a mother who was all uptight about the content and wanted to see the manager - as if he had something to do with her failure to heed the PG-13 rating or do any research at all into what her child was watching.

But back to the point. Have you ever read Moon Knight? Even back in the early days, we're talking about a guy with serious mental problems and it had quite a hefty death count. And poor Franklin's mother is reading it to him. Right before bed. How is it that Child Welfare never paid these people a visit?


Blockade Boy said...

I'm concerned about the live koala that Reed transformed into a cybernetic animal/table lamp hybrid. (Late at night, when it's dark, you can hear it softly keening, "Hhheeeellllp mmmmeeeeee...")

Sleestak said...

Aw, the actual comics of 616 are more suited to children than the real world versions. For instance, in the 616, X-Men doesn't suck and Gambit was never featured in a comic book.

Anonymous said...

Being a huge fan of Moon Knight myself this could explain a lot about Franklin.