Friday, August 17, 2007

Reed Richards, Badass

My willing suspension of disbelief isn't kicking in here. First, and foremost, Reed is talking to Doctor Octopus. When has Doc Ock been afraid of anyone? The man has tangled with everyone this side of Galactus!

The other problem I have is that it's Reed talking to Doctor Octopus. C'mon, Reed, who are you kidding? You're a science geek with premature gray. What are you going to do, hit him with your pocket protector?

Shenanigans, I say!


Anonymous said...

Especially since the "threat" is to arrest him. "I'll wrap my belly around your face and suffocate you," sure, that could be a little scary in more ways than one. But plain old "incarcerate"? Nah.

Anonymous said...

Hey, remember the negative zone?
Ol' Reed's always taken "incarcarate" a little further than most.

Also, Reed is a total Badass. He beat up Dinosaurs, Doom, Z-list villians, alternate Disney built RoboStalin, and Multidimensional buracracy. Easily.

Simonson run, baby.

Sleestak said...

Smart people are scary. Look at Einstein...he was a monster.

Anonymous said...

I have this book somewhere. It was a lot more chilling since a few panels earlier, Reed froze the Hulk with a look.

Hornacek said...

This was after the time when Doc Ock was terrified of Spider-Man. Spidey had ripped Ock's metal arms off his body (at the end of a great arc in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man).