Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nothing's Funnier than 55 year-old Jokes!

When you had 52 pages to fill to get kids to turn loose of their dimes, sometimes you had to just slap any old thing that came to mind and hope the kids were too stupid to understand the concept of "filler." Fortunately, most kids are too stupid to understand the concept of filler. Kids are cute, but they're dang stupid.

I think we could have had a winner here, but we need one more panel where Jerry slaps Mae and calls her a whore. Wouldn't that have made it funny? Is it just me? It can't just be me.

I admit it. I don't get this one at all. Not even a smidge.

And now a word from our sponsor.... vegetable oil for your head. Style your hair, then fry up some potatoes with what's left on the comb! Nothing drives the chicks wilder than a chance to run their fingers through the same thing they pour on their salads! Nothing says "sexy beast" like a man with a homogenized product in his hair!


Kai Jansson said...

The second one isn't really funny, but the joke seems to be (as far as I can make it out) that Shorty is in an awfully big hurry to get to a place (the beach) where he'll do nothing but rest.

I think the first five panels are supposed to set you up with an expectation that he's going to an appointment he can't miss, like a job interview or the first day of school. Instead, it's the beach.

Boltinoff must've been short on ideas that day.

Dave said...

While nothing is deadlier to humor than explaining it, I'll try.

Shorty is trying to catch the bus to the beach and just misses it, but by such a narrow margin that he believes he can catch up to it at the next stop.

He begins a fruitless chase to catch it, doomed to forever be thwarted in his quest.

By the time he realizes how his boon will never be granted, he's run so far that he's reached the very beach to which he wanted to take the bus.

This begs the question of where his nifty sweater vest and bow tie have gone to in the final panel or why he's wearing his swimsuit under his clothes in all the other panels, but his achievement of this particular Nirvana is so complete that it seems ungallant to pursue the matter.

Hilarious -- and a telling commentary on man's pursuit of the ideal, no?

Will said...

Since the previous commenters have already made sense, er... "sense" of Shorty, I'd just like to say how sorry I feel for poor Bert Parks, forced to shill for this hair cream after the horrible accident that obviously left his neck and arms in the grotesque, twisted mess we see them in the first panel illustration. Seriously, I had to stare at it for a while just to verify that those are supposed to be his own hands. At first I thought someone was trying to grab him from off-camera, possibly to try and twist his head back onto his frame.

Also, I think Jerry is overlooking the value of what he's got a hold of here - a girl that's beyond easy. What else could a "Jitterbug" like him be looking for?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

At first, I read "No More God" and I wondered what Bert Parks was selling.