Thursday, August 2, 2007

Johnny Quick, Idiot

I'll let them fall into a nice soft cushion of pine needles!

Yeah, that's a great plan, genius. The next time you see a pine tree, rub your face across the needles so you can really appreciate just how silky soft those babies are. Why, I think I'll go stuff a pillowcase full of them so I can lay my head on their gentle goodness this evening.

What a tool.


SallyP said...

He also seems suspiciously cheerful about the whole thing. Why does he have that ridiculous grin on his face?

Will said...

Er... um... aren't they the Danger Club? Aren't they in it specifically to run the risk of getting hurt? Why is that monkey-boy yelling for help like a little child?

Also, we can clearly see from that lady spectator's face in the corner that they are no more than six feet off the ground. The worst injury any of them is going to suffer in a fall from that height is a broken wrist.

Chance said...

Isn't Johnny Quick selling himself a little short there? is that really the only thing he can do in that situation?

he can't, you know, catch them?

Anonymous said...

Johnny Quick isn't dumb, he's just mean. Right, Tubby?