Monday, August 20, 2007

Johnny Storm, Whippersnapper

Okay, just to be clear, this is Johnny Storm trying to talk down to Captain America, not the original Human Torch who was part of the Invaders in WWII.

That being said, I think Johnny needs to think about who he's talking to. Anyone else might be impressed, but you know Cap is thinking, "Well, sonny boy, I appreciate that you've been around since the 1960's. By the way, I fought Hitler!"

Stupid punk. Anyone younger than 30 is a tool.


Sleestak said...

"Son, I could kill you with just one finger."

Captain Infinity said...

"I fought Hitler" pretty much wins any argument.

Anonymous said...

Reed, MAYBE, could hold his own with "I fought Hitler too", but then he'd need to admit to time travel, or being really old.

Chance said...

In the Marvel Universe, fighting Hitler isn't really a conversation stopper. I mean, Reed fought Galactus. Come on.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, but I wouldn't be frozen in a stupid ice floe for most of life." - H. Torch.