Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Kind of Trouble Where My Spaceship Blows Up with Me Inside It, Mission Control!

And now, another installment of Ya THINK? (tm!), courtesy of Space Adventures #36:

"In trouble," you say?

Ya THINK? (tm!)

This has been another installment of: Ya THINK?

From All-Flash Quarterly #23, it's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

You know, if the woman in my wife looked like Joan there, I'd probably try out the other team myself. I like to think I'm secure enough in myself that I wouldn't try and suppress the memories, though.

Here's a simple explanation for time travel that makes zero sense: 

What?  I don't think time "travels" that way at all.

I'm inducting this panel into That Doesn't Work That Way (tm!) unless someone can convince me otherwise.  And no, just because Superman made time go in reverse by flying in the opposite direction of the Earth's rotation in the movies doesn't count.

See you tomorrow!


Captain Blog said...

Perhaps with a little drinking and this wikipedia entry
it could kind of make some sort of maybe or not sense?

Aaron Carine said...

I thought of time dilation myself, but that wouldn't allow him to travel to the future and come back. Also he would have to be running continuously for weeks(weeks in his own subjective time frame, I mean) to "get ahead" centuries. Does the Flash have that kind of stamina?

I don't much about physics, but I'm pretty sure Einstein didn't allow things to "travel faster than time". I mean, we all exist IN time, so how can we go faster than it?

MarvelX42 said...

Well, maybe if he could construct a Tipler cylinder.