Monday, April 1, 2013

My Wit Gives People Grand Mal Seizures! Hilarity Ensues!

Welcome back, my lovelies!  I thought we'd ease back into things by taking a brief look at Airfield Al. I'm not sure if this was his first appearance, but I found these in Captain Video #2.  I found very little on the character, but check out these two strips and you'll probably draw the same conclusion:

It appears that Al's reason for existence was twofold:

1) To give people seizures, as is apparent by the final panel in both appearances


2)  To put in something that would guarantee that Captain Video himself wouldn't be the worst thing in a Captain Video comic book.

Boy, this is awful.  It's a prime example of "Why tell a joke in two panels when you can drag it out for seven or eight?" If anyone knows any details or history regarding this awful feature, please let me know!

See you tomorrow!

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