Thursday, April 4, 2013

WHOA, That's Good Squisy!

It's been a busy one, but we're never to busy for ...

CMNS Sound Effect Theater! (tm!)

Courtesy of Amazing Spider-Man #297.

This has been CMNS Sound Effect Theater! (tm!)

See you tomorrow!


Yael said...

How disappointed would you be to learn that the last panel actually says "SQUISH"?
(The H is a little hidden behind the S, so it kinda does look like a Y, but still, definitely an H, definitely a "SQUISH".)

Adam Barnett said...

See, I had looked at that a few times, and had totally missed it. I like "squisy" better. :-)

Buzz said...

I also thought it was "squisy"... which sounds like a cool name to use in a degrading way.