Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working Girl Tuesday!

A little fun from Lois Lane #4:

Oh, Lois.  I realize that print media is dying, but to have it come to that...

I'm being silly, of course.  But it's awesome that we get to begin a tale with some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

For some reason, Lois has to take this job:

Not a pretzel-bender!  The shame you have brought upon your family name!

Okay, this whole "concrete in the dough" thing seems a little harsh, but as usual, Clark is there to save Lois from a hostile world:

I must have put cement in the other machine!  Crap!  Did I just say that out loud, and in front of my boss?  But you know what?  No one noticed.  Because this is a comic for girls, and that means everyone with a "Y" chromosome is therefore a moron.  Because to girls, that's entertainment.

Enough of this!  Let's end with more Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

I wouldn't say she did anything wrong per se...

See?  When you announce your retirement, anything goes. You can say all kinds of stuff.

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

The dood just happened to have a bag of cement lying around? He was willing to ruin an entire batch of pretzels, poison someone and potentially destroy the machine just to play a prank and or get the new girl fired?

Mythell said...

Hmmm...trying to decide if it's just coincidence that today is International Women's Day or if you knew that when you posted today.

Dave Hardy said...

I can see the influence of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle at work here. At least there's no Santa/Schoolgirl cosplay going on.

Lazarus Lupin said...

I'd kill to have lois and superman do their version of "Pretty Woman!"

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

Fred W. Hill said...

I hope that concrete-loving prankster was the bad guy in this mag and Superman forced him to eat an entire bag's worth of pretzels made with that his own vile dough! Oh, and was Lois giving Superman his reward for nabbing that creep when she uttered that last bit of dialogue?
Curious minds want to know!

Justin Garrett Blum said...

That is actually a pretty good pay-off to the concrete pretzel gag. Also, good artwork. So stupidity notwithstanding, that comic does have some things going for it.