Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Golden Voice and Songs of Sage Wednesday!

Having been raised in Smallville, Superman had difficulty with the big-city concept of "personal space."

Don't you love the expression on Jake's face?  He's really not comfortable with where that conversation seems to be headed.

At closing time, even Lois has her appeal.

So, we're looking at Action #42, which had the original appearance of the Vigilante.  No, not that one.  No, not that one, either.  Nope, think back further.  Go way back.  The guy with the cowboy hat.  The guy who sang:

Yes, but is he a platter waddy whose records sold like sixty?  You can never tell when someone is singing in comics if they're actually any good or not.

There was also an interesting turn in Mr. America, a character they just couldn't seem to get rid of.  In this issue, they gave him a "magic carpet."  Because when I think of America, we all think of magic carpets.

And believe it or not, that isn't the original Red Tornado (much to my disappointment).  That is Fat Man, who became his sidekick.  And yes, I'm sure some smarmy people are going to make comments about how a character named "Fat Man" is exactly what you think about when you think of America, so I'll just make that joke for you.  

Other than the fact that he's supposed to look stupid, and I still think his costume is less embarrassing than that of Mr. America.  I'm just saying.

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I thought it was Forbush Man for a sec.

Adam Barnett said...

You know, right after I realized it wasn't Ma Hunkel, I thought, "This guy looks like Forbush Man." Except he came first, so Forbush Man actually looks like him. :-)

Fred W. Hill said...

Fat Man and the Red Tornado must have been Forbush Man's parents.