Friday, March 25, 2011

Towns Made of Candy and Magic Polluting Shoes Friday!

So, it's Action Comics #104, and we're just minding our own beeswax and...

Oh, look!  It's Superman!  Hi, Superman!  It's always great to see you!  Have you come to check out Candytown?  

Hey, now!  I don't think that's necessary!

Seriously, Superham, what is your problem?  I really don't see why you have such a fan base.

I don't know how old those kids in the upper left are, but they look a little too old to be worrying about candy.  I mean, they look like teenagers.  Are they on a date, or something?  If so, someone needs to do a Beanie Intervention on that boy, or he's getting no lovin' from Blondie.  Not to mention the fact that he took her to a town made out of candy.  Giving a girl candy on the first date runs the risk that you'll look like you're trying to hard.  Taking her to an entire theme park made of candy?  My boy there has no game.  No game at all!

Eh, sell me some shoes:

If Thom there has some "Magic Bazooka Shoes" that enable him to run across treetops like he's in one of those Twilight movies, shouldn't that magic also do away with the "deadly exhaust"?  You know, because they're magic and all?  I kind of expect magic stuff to be more environmentally friendly.  

Not that I care.  I don't have any kids.  Let the world choke on itself - just wait until after I'm gone (which, at this rate, should be a week from Thursday).  Let your own kids figure out the exhaust problem in magic shoes.  This is hardly my concern.  And why do people who have children get tax deductions and effectively pay less taxes than those who don't?  You breeders use a lot more in public resources than I do.  If anything, I should get tax deductions.  I'm not using public schools!  Pay for your own dang kids.  They bother me.

See you Monday!


Britt Reid said...

" entire theme park made of candy..."

One can only wonder about the health problems presented by rodent and insect infestation! :-O

Lazarus Lupin said...

so superman hates Willy wonka?

I can see that. Willy wonka could easily be the Joker of Candy. The Lex Luther of Sugar. The.. um.. Bug Eyed Bandit of jaw breakers.

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

Gene Phillips said...

I want to find some way to turn "raising Cain" into a candy-cane pun, but my heart's just not in it today.

Unknown said...

Am I the only person concerned by the fact the kids were hanging out in a club house for shoe-lovers? I realise kids didn't have much in the way of entertainment back in the old days, but did they really hang out holding meetings where they discussed how much they loved their shoes?

Will said...

Hot Ziggity! I love the exposition in panel one of the shoe thing. "I never would have started that forest fire if I knew it would get OUT OF CONTROL!


E. Bernhard Warg said...

Wait a minute, why is the story entitled "How Thom McCan with his magic stopped the forest fire 'Bazooka Shoes?'"

Also, does anyone know what the context is behind Superman destroying 'Candytown?' (other than him being a dick. We knew that already)