Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Cape has Flesh-Colored Highlights! Yeah, Let's Go with That! Thursday!

So, I was reading Detective Comics #487 and was checking out the Robin solo story.  Here, we find Robin in a typical Robin-style quandry:

Okay, that's fine.  No problem.  Until this:

And then this:

Now, I had to read this a few times to figure out what the heck was being used as a dummy leg here.  I mean, Batman teaches you to be resourceful and all, but I can't imagine anyone toting around a nine foot leg.

So, it finally occurs to me that Robin isn't wearing his cape in that last panel, so it must be his cape.

You know, his bright yellow cape.

His bright yellow, not even remotely the color of the flesh of any human being that has walked the Earth, now or ever.

Well, clearly the colorist is cheating and making Robin's cape flesh-colored for these two panels, which constitutes clear shenanigans.  I realize that a bright yellow leg wouldn't have fooled anyone, so he probably felt obliged to fudge a little to make it more believable.  But, seriously?  That needs to go back to the artist to make changes, because there is no salvaging that with color swatches.

Oh, comics.  I love you, yet you treat me this way.

But then I read something like this:

Ahhhh.  Thanks, Action Comics #104!

I'll see you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

I thought they had Robin confused with Elongated Man.

I'll be sad to see CMNS go. Before it does,I feel I should offer apologies for my embarrassing "Nazi" gaffe of 2OO8--which I never actually did.

Adam Barnett said...

I don't even remember it, Aaron, so no worries! When we do edgy humor like this, we always run the risk of offending folks or hurting feelings. I've made a few mistakes here and there, but hopefully I've brought more smiles than frowns over the years. Thanks for sticking with me!

SallyP said...

Maybe Robin isn't actually running around bare-legged, but is wearing flesh-colored tights? And he was able to shimmy out of them, whilst keeping his dignity covered by his short shorts, and glue on a shoe...and, and.

Heck, it makes as much sense as most of Batman's stuff!

IADW said...

It kinda looks like Robin has the ability to fire elongated legs out of his hands - and here we all thought 'webs' were funny.

Adam Barnett said...

SallyP, you have a valid point. After all, Burt Ward wore flesh-colored tights in the Batman tv show. But you're right... even if he had tights and used them, that's quite a process.... especially on a speeding, swerving truck! :-)

Bryan White said...

We can only hope it's his cape and not some other flesh colored appendage. That would really be something.