Friday, March 11, 2011

One o' Them Dead Pan Alley Squawkers Murderin' a Solid Tune Friday!

In the spirit of yesterday's Jerry the Jitterbug gag, Yael sent us a rare and quite goofy piece.  I believe the series was actually called The Jitterbugs, but I've had a hard time finding info online.  See if you can figure out what anyone in this comic is saying:

This, kids, is why your stupid hip-hop lingo is never going to be accepted into mainstream English vernacular. Look no further to see how you're going to sound to your grandkids if you don't start learning to speak proper English now.

Thanks for the find, Yael!

See you Monday!


Erich said...

When this story appeared, Cab Calloway was spinning in his grave...and he wasn't even dead yet.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

heh. Good one.

Here's a recent Facebook post from my brother: "off to see epstein, onra, com truise, sadat x, and more at the knitting factory in bk. holla at your boy if you know what up"

I'm going to save that and show it to him in 20 years. But the really funny thing is he teaches English.

Unknown said...

I enjoy saying things incorrectly and even speeling them incorrectly on purpose. It be onea the few things that me enjoys in life. KnowhatImean?

Jack_Acid said...

Nothing a little starch on the stinger can't cure. I'm gonna ankle on outta here, see you Monday.