Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That Elmer - He's a Terrible Bore! Wednesday!

Lois Lane....

.... does not appreciate your jeers and comments.  Her title lasted longer than every Nova solo title combined, so she'd appreciate a little respect.

Meanwhile, let's check out this head-scratcher from Lois Lane #2:

I'm not trying to say women aren't techno-savy, but I find it's a lot more effective when I'm recording to use a recording device.  What you have there, Lois, is what some big city folks called a record player.  I know it has the word "record" in it, so it's kinda confusing, but try to remember the term "player."

A couple of issues later, they kind of figured that out:

Now you youngsters may not remember things like tape-recording, but before everything went all digity-wigity, that's what we had.  However, you couldn't tell what was on a particular portion of the tape by just looking at it, which is obviously what Jimmy is doing here.

Keep at it, ladies!  You'll get caught up!


Let me tell you a little something about Peg:

Peg is going to spend her 20's and 30's lamenting that there aren't any nice, normal, thoughtful guys out there. During this period, Elmer will never cross her mind.  If someone reminds her, she'll simply give a dismissive, "Oh, Elmer.  Yeah, he was okay."  Because that's how women roll.

Meanwhile, Elmer has been happily married for years, causing women around him (who knew a boy just like Elmer at one point in their own lives) to say, "All the good ones are taken."

Why? Because that's how women roll.

This has been a public service announcement from Comics Make No Sense, brought to you by Lois Lane, Godzilla, and the letter "Q."

See you tomorrow!


Yael said...

Oh come on, don't play the Hounded Nice Guy thing. How is he okay and she's the bad guy, here? Sure, from the few panels we've seen of this girl she's not 100% alright, and it was probably better if she let him off sincerely instead of lying, if she doesn't like him (especially since, what with him *always* calling her and all, it seems he can't take a hint), but how is it okay for him to decide that he's now going to take care of her - even though she's old enough to take care of a little cold, and is also apparently living with her parents - come barging into her house, sit her down, and (in a way) force himself on her?
I hate to be 'that person', and I know this is a humour blog and all, but as a girl who always liked nice guys - as in genuinely good people, not 'guys who are steadfastly, creepily nice to the one girl they like in the hope that she will repay the niceness with physical intimacy' - and whose friends have all gone out, and eventually married, genuinely good guys, I am really sick and tired of the Hounded Nice Guy shtick. So I had to say something. Because, y'know, it's the internet. And SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET.

Britt Reid said...

There WERE portable recording-on-vinyl/wax disc devices in the 40s and 50s.
In fact, the ads appeared in comic books! ;-)
While Schaffenberger didn't get the device's details right, they DID exist, and Lois is using one!

Unknown said...

Ok, here is a public service announcement to all women of the world. All guys are completely, 100%, all the time, clueless. They don't take hints, get clues, understand innuendo or anything else except the straight out, face front, just say what the fuck you are thinking truth right in their face. Even then they just might not get it. Say it again.

Dave said...

I love that for some reason it would be better for Polly to listen to Superman saying her lines than for her to record herself saying them.

Such is the power of super elocution.

Dave Hardy said...

Didn't Lois end up moonlighting as Margo in Apartment 3-G?

Adam Barnett said...

Yael, I doubt you're going to find very much sympathy among my legions here. We're comic book nerds, for crying out loud!

In any respect, Peg asked for it by lying to him. She said she had a terrible cold and was too sick to go out. Elmer was trying to be considerate and help her through it. Was it to get into her good graces romantically? Derp, yes.

But there's nothing wrong with that. I didn't say a thing about guys that pretend to be your friend and then try to jump your bones after your first fight with your boyfriend. Elmer is straight-up about his intentions, and Peg is a dishonest brat. Elmer can do much better.

Someone may be wrong on the Internet, and it may be me. But not today, it isn't! :-)

Jamus The Bartender said...

Peg, it will come back to you....

D.B. Echo said...


And let me add that I completely agree with MarvelX42. Too often women say that men do not communicate openly or directly, and then play games around hints, half-truths, things left unsaid, and reacting to "the way you said it" rather than what was said. And particularly and especially, "If you don't know what you did wrong, I'm not going to tell you." Communication is the key to success, in relationships as much as in business.

Yael said...

Okay, well, rebutting the rebuttal. Or something.

It's actually pretty fascinating how we're seeing the exact same scene completely differently. You of course have the advantage of having more of this comic than me, and perhaps knowing a little more about the background of Peg and Elmer. Anyway, like I said, I think it was stupid of her to lie, and is definitely not a nice thing to do. It *could* theoretically be seen as trying to be nice to him (like, 'Oh, that poor guy keeps asking for dates but I don't want to tell him outright that I don't like him, I'll make something up') but within the few panels I have she's not presented as being very nice, she seems to just be trying to blow him off. So like I said, I don't think she's 100% alright. Still, I really don't see what that Elmer guy does as nice as much as creepy. Maybe if a close friend did it, that would be a nice way to 'be considerate and help her through it', but there's no indication that they are. So this is basically a situation where a guy that she doesn't know all that well and doesn't really like barges into her home and says 'I will take care of you whether you want to or not!' - and, while it the comic/karmatic scheme of things it's just deserts for lying and saying she has a cold, and makes for a funny if trite punchline, it doesn't make it less creepy. Once again, the guy barges into her home. A guy she doesn't really know - but she knows is interested in her - just goes ahead and *barges into her home*. He might have meant well (and is definitely pictured as more clueless than creepy), but that's a pretty scary situation when you think about it outside of the context of these panels.

[And also, I'm quite a nerd myself (I read your blog don't I?), and my SO is a major geek - not comic books as much as scifi and Tolkien and science and math, usually, but he still knows his comics - and he still doesn't buy into the whole 'nice guys finish last' stuff, so I'm not sure what you're implying, about the no sympathy part, but that doesn't seem kind to comic book nerds. I think of you more highly than that.]

Unknown said...

Someone actually agreed with something I said......I have no idea what to do now.......I don't think that that has ever happened before.....


Jack_Acid said...

Adam, did you just say Peg was asking for it? I am disappoint. Elmer, real name = Creeper Creeperson VanStalkmoore.

Super elocution though that is some Comics Make No Sense gold!

Jack Norris said...

Exposing the myth of the "nice guy" on the internet is SO 2006.

Josh said...

There's still doin' it at Pandagon, Jack.

That said, this is the blog that likes to post pix of Sue Richards getting smacked: misogynist cracks are part of its schtik, really, and ya gotta accept a site's community norms.

Britt Reid said...

"...misogynist cracks are part of its schtik..."

Misogyny (like blatant racial bigotry) was, frighteningly, an accepted part of American culture prior to the mid-1960s.
All this blog does is reveal it, and comment, negatively, about the ideas and attitudes that warped the minds of Americans back then.

Remember, those who do not learn from history (and pop culture's mirror of it) are condemned to repeat it!