Monday, March 28, 2011

My Own Candy Factory? Why I'd be Stupid Not to Monday!

Hey!  It's a new, fun-filled week!  And here's some good stuff from Action Comics #104:

I'll take "Invitations I Should Never Accept" for $100, Alex!

Heister Hess...

should have waited until the door fully closed before defiantly shouting out his plans.

Meanwhile, at the local newspaper....

the Sales Department learned that their "Cash or Punch Us in the Face" payment policy, while popular, failed to generate necessary revenues.

Oh, that was silly.  But not as silly as this:

Candy Factory... or as they called it in my day, a "chemistry set."

And apparently, lollipops were considered "good for growing youngsters."  Some day, they'll learn that Oreos  cure gout.  Just you watch.


Railbus said...

Let's see: enough supplies to make 100 lollipops, a suggested retail value of a penny a lollipop and cost of $1.98 for the candy making kit. No wonder they talk about "suckers"!

Will said...

Waddies? Would those be platter waddies by any chance??


Unknown said...

Railbus, I was wondering if I was the only one who had done the math on those suckers. Also I figure that being that there were only 100 sticks that there was probably only enough of the other stuff to make 100 or less suckers.

I remember when I was in school they had a similar thing as this lollipop deal, except you made your own chewing gum. I never saw an ad for it, but I saw alot of kids in school with the gum.