Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Seem 'Flaid Thursday!

I haven't really yet tapped the campier Batman years in Detective Comics. Thank goodness for the Crimson Avenger.

I heard a noise!

You want me stop giving you neck rub, Mist' Mark?

Did I tell you I want you to stop giving me a neck rub?

Hey! Someone has a new logo!:

This is an usual thing, because the Crimson Avenger normally had a round chest insignia that was later revealed to represent a bullet hole, which would have made more sense if he actually fired a gun instead of running around without any weaponry or super-powers whatsoever.

In any respect, the "flaming sword" is not only phallic, but I can't imagine just a picture of a sword on some guys chest striking panic into my heart. Then again, I'm not a startled thug. Maybe that makes all the difference.

Hey! It's Wing! Enforcing Asian stereotypes wherever he goes....

And I'm pretty sure he was known as "Wing" in his civilian identity as well. Kind of like Captain America's "Bucky." Frankly, I'm surprised Wing lasted as long as he did.

See you tomorrow!


BrittReid said...

"which would have made more sense if he actually fired a gun instead of running around without any weaponry or super-powers whatsoever."

Initially, the Crimson Avenger was a Shadow / Green Hornet rip-off with cloak, fedora and a .45. (retroactively made into a gas-gun).
In fact, he was DC's FIRST masked mystery-man!
Much like The Sandman (DC's other Green Hornet rip-off), he was later transformed into a tights-and cowl superhero.
The "circle" was thought to be a "sun" symbol for many years (and referred to as such in JLA V1 #100-102 where a time-travelling JLA/JSA team found him with amnesia playing Sun God to the ancient Aztecs).

Adam Barnett said...

Indeed, Britt! That's why I couldn't understand going with the "bullet" idea for the costume he wore AFTER he ditched the guns! I always thought it was a sun symbol, and it probably was until it was revamped in the modern Justice Society of America series.

Can you believe it took something big and supernatural to take out Wing?

BrittReid said...

"Can you believe it took something big and supernatural to take out Wing?"

Back in the day, even minor heroes didn't die from "ordinary" threats.
It took something BIG to do them in!
(Of course, "back in the day", dead was DEAD!
For example, Stan Lee said over and over that Bucky was dead...gone...joined the Choir Angelic, etc.
Look at CAPTAIN AMERICA lately?
Not a dream!
Not a hoax!
Not an Imaginary Story!
And don't get me started on Jason Todd...)

Jeff Overturf said...

I really hate it when they bring back dead characters. Nullifies everything told in the death story and makes it all seem unimportant and moot.

Comics reading moot???????? Never! Unimprotant?????? Banking and stock trading is unimportant, somics reading is of extreme importance!

Even though they make no sense. :)

Aurora Moon said...

Wing looks more like an villain with that constant sinister look on his face. =\
Still, I suppose that it was somewhat progressive that they actually portrayed him as an good guy instead of being some random villain like they normally did with Asian characters back then.

okieqt said...

"partners-in-crushing" just says it all

David said...

Wow, if a flaming sword logo caused that much panic, I guess thugs' hearts just plain old stopped beating when they saw that skull on the Black Terror's chest. Frankly, I've seen scarier shirts in the casual wear section at Target.

The "bullet hole" logo wouldn't be intimidating when you think about it, because it would make it look like the Avenger himself had been shot. However, this may actually have been a cunning strategy:

"The Crimson Avenger! Quick, shoot him!"

"Why bother? He's been shot already, apparently by a cannon, and he's still alive. Look at his chest!"

"Guess you're right. Save your bullets, men. It's hopeless. Ungfff!"

BrittReid said...

I dunno, the idea of a bullet hole in your costume would seem to indicate that you COULD be hurt...
The Target and Targeteers had big bulls-eyes on their ourfits because they WERE bulletproof!
One of the explanations for Batman's adapting a yellow oval with a bat on his chest was to give enemies a less-vulnerable target than his cloth-cowled head (retroactively said to be armored)! (Of course it was actually so the bat symbol could be trademarked!)