Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor, Unless They are Overweight Tuesday!

A few more dandies from sPat!

Why don't I like Superman? The question really is, "How can you like Superman?"

She gained a few pounds? Why, she has no right to live, much less find happiness in a relationship! You're too good to her, Clark! You really dodged a bullet there!

Maybe he didn't need his X-Ray vision to count 'em, but he certainly needed a calculator, because Superman's answer is wrong. I love it when that happens.

I guess the writers of Lois Lane thought it would be a public service to keep nerdy comic book readers (and let's face it, if you were a regular reader of Lois Lane you were a nerd among nerds) hip to the latest slang. Thusly:

Now, I'm not saying that "fileboner" wasn't a slang term. But as I did my research, I can tell you it wasn't a very popular slang term, ever. However, we now have the right to call everyone who did better than we did at school a "fileboner" to their face without fear of consequences. So, I guess there was a bit of public service there after all. Frankly, I'm not convinced comic book writers didn't just make up slang to see if any of it caught on. I'd do it.

Thanks again, sPat!

See you tomorrow!


Zocktastic said...

Wow. Now THAT is some Super-Dickery (tm!) right there. That's gotta be the most reprehensible act I've seen Supes commit on this blog, and that's saying something! You're a real swell guy, Clark. Sheesh.

I've got to admit, I formed a somewhat... different mental image when I thought of the word "fileboner".

Tee hee. "Fileboner"

Jeff Overturf said...

Even at his wrong answer...there's no way there are 32,000 beans in that little jar. FAKE! Worst math ever! :)~

That Superman is no fileboner, that's for sure.

David said...

Notice he's afraid to sit up straight. He really does have a fileboner.

Rose said...

*Facepalm* I wanna know why she spent so much time counting the beans in the jar. Isn't there something more productive to do in life than count beans?

Erich said...

At least the fact that she was selected "Wife of the Year" shows that there are SOME people in Metropolis who aren't as shallow as Clark...

Tom K Mason said...

Lois has to count the beans in the jar, because if she eats them, she'll be a fatty and we all know how Supes feels about that!

Captain Infinity said...

Super-mathematics? Isn't what he did just regular mathematics?

Nathan said...

No, in super-mathematics, you multiply every answer by ten. Because that makes it more super.