Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Which We Apologize for Days of Nature Boy with Batman Awesomeness Thursday!

Some hardcore geeks feel that Batman and the Joker are given too much respect in hero and villain lore. After all, these guys have no super-powers to speak of, but they tend to scare the wajeebers out of everyone except each other.

I think this is because they're just always so darn prepared and creative. For example, in this panel from Detective Comics #45, we see the Joker sending his victim records that would result in death to the listener:

I feel the same way every time I hear a Black-Eyed Peas song.

Hey! Do I see a Moment of Comic Book Greatness? (tm!?) Why, I do! It's Batman and Robin battling a gigantic house cat in Detective Comics #44!:

I know... Awesomeness, thy name is Gigantic House Cat.

When I first hit grade school, you were supposed to bring a little container of paste so that you could make dreadful art projects and eat a little to see what it tasted like. Always the nonconformist, I brought a container of rubber cement. I liked the way it smelled.

But had I known about this:

Now on the one hand, it's true that there are few things more boring than glue sticks, so it makes it rather pathetic that slapping super-hero stickers on the outside would somehow make them cool.

Except it did make them cool! I would have loved the heck out of those things when I was a lad in short pants! Oh, super-heroes, is there anything you don't improve simply by virtue of your presence?

See you tomorrow!


Johnny said...

Some instinct made Robin swerve?!
Does he own Spidey Sense too?

okieqt said...

At that time, the record was probably Donny Osmond. The Joker probably even wore purple socks.

Allergy said...

"You look through one and I the other"??? Who talks like that??