Friday, April 9, 2010

Escape-Proof Facepalming Friday!

One thing that I particularly enjoy about over-sized comics is the inclusion of stories that wouldn't be published on their own. World's Finest was particularly good about that by giving us Hawkman, Black Lightning, and Marvel Family stories at a time when they didn't have their own titles.

Not that even a Captain Marvel story was without its flaws:

Hmmmmm.... I'm not one to argue with a guy using the wisdom of Solomon, but I'm pretty sure all prison cells are designed to be escape-proof. I mean, what's the alternative? Dang it! I knew we should have built those cells to be escape-proof! I told you the honor system wouldn't work!

And I don't think the artist was quite that dedicated to the story, either. The Monster Society of Evil included Mr. Atom, King Kull, and Black Adam. Nerdlingers who follow DC Comics will remember that Black Adam took on dang near every hero in the DC Universe by himself a couple of years ago. So somehow, I don't think that putting the Monster Society in a cell that looks like it would have a hard time holding Otis the Town Drunk from The Andy Griffith Show was going to be that successful. Details, people, details!

Prepare yourself for a Superman-Related Facepalm! (tm!):

The fact that Superman, for even the briefest of moments, thought that this might be a natural cloud formation gives us our very first CMNS Superman-Related Facepalm!(tm!)

Break it down!:

Whee! That was fun!

Man, those Keebler Elves don't take kindly to outsiders, do they?

See you Monday!


googum said...

Who did the art on the Superman/Robin story? Looks like George Perez, although making him draw gnomes or whatever seems like a waste. Where's the crowd of superheroes?

Ellen said...

Robin has a pitiful symbol!

Adam Barnett said...

Googum, the pencils were done by Ric Estrada with the inks done by the late great Dick Giordano. Giordano and Perez had that same ability to draw a lot in a panel without making it look chaotic.

Scott said...

It could be Robin's signal. It could be. Or, it COULD be that God has obtained a registered trademark on the sky. Which I hear was a bit fuzzier; thus the explanation for Superman's confusion.

LissBirds said...

"Dang it! I knew we should have built those cells to be escape-proof! I told you the honor system wouldn't work!" Bwa-hahahaha!!! That line made my day. :)