Friday, April 23, 2010

Why No One Just Hung Out in the JLA Satellite in the 80's Friday!

You say you buy comics for the heroics and non-stop, over-the-top action? You just like to get away from your problems for a while and escape to a world where you can see larger-than-life characters engage in battles of good versus evil?

Well, it sure must have sucked to be you if you picked up World's Finest #275:

My wife left me!

Well, MY wife is DEEEEAAAADDD!

You know, it's not like us comic book geeks has a lot of hope that we were going to have women in our lives ourselves. Could we at least see someone have a relationship with a woman? Or could someone start beating up on someone?

Oh, here we go:

I'm not sure what "snapped" just then, but this was nothing compared to what Hawkman would do to the Matter Master almost 25 years later, when he would chop the Matter Master's right arm off with an axe without giving it a second thought. I'm not kidding. You don't screw around with Hawkman these days. He's badass.

See you Monday!


Jeff Overturf said...


I of course to the whole DC soap opera universe.

SallyP said...

Yet another reason why it sometimes sucks to be a superhero. Someone ALWAYS has a sadder story than yours.

Anonymous said...

Well, my wife is dead...until the next retcon.