Thursday, April 15, 2010

The World is Full of Jerks Thursday!

When we think of disastrous kid sidekicks, we normally don't think of Robin. Robin generally had a level of competence that one might expect Bruce Wayne to demand of anyone he took alongside him in his war on crime.

But that doesn't mean that Robin didn't have a terrible immaturity that made him quite the schmuck.

Consider Detective Comics #56:

And then the very next issue with Detective Comics #57:

Do you see where I'm going with this? No? How about Detective Comics #58:

As much as I liked Robin in his "teen wonder"/college years, Dick was surprisingly cruel in his early days for a kid who ran around in short pants. Perhaps he was overcompensating. You know, it's always the little guys who want to start a fight.

And you'll note in the third panel that Bruce is every bit the lousy parent you would expect him to be. Laughing along with a child who is mocking the physical appearance of others.... well, let's just say I think I see where Dick gets it. You can usually trace this sort of behavior back to the male role model.

That was the first time they ever saw the Penguin, for you history buffs. Oswald Cobbelpot, driven to antisocial behavior after being taunted by an uncaring society, which obviously consisted of Batman and Robin themselves. So, you know what? Every time I see the Penguin, I'm rooting for him to take out Bruce and Dick. They contributed to the problem, so if they end up being food for seagulls.... well, they really have no one to blame but themselves.

And not that I want to make a habit of bashing Robin, but what's up with this scene from Detective Comics #54?:

Yeah, don't interfere while Bruce gets sliced to ribbons, Dick. You know, if he didn't want you to help him out when he was in a jam, don't you think Bruce would have left you at home?

It's every nerdlinger's dream to find a girl nerdlinger who shares our love for comics. I got a nerd girl who tolerates my love for comics and is willing to watch the movies, so that's close enough. You don't want a girl who loves comics as much or more than you. Heed the Gospel of Peanuts from 1953:

That's right. Don't let her near the valuable stuff until she signs a pre-nup. You have been warned.

See you tomorrow!


Jeff Overturf said...

All nerdlingers should pay heed, indeed.

Matt said...

With a headline like that, I was sure this was going to be an all-Superman edition.

Sea-of-Green said...

Hey, I allow Mr. Sea to read my comics all he wants! :-)

Tom K Mason said...

In that Penguin sequence, is it my imagination or is Bruce Wayne totally "Werthamizing" Dick Grayson's shoulder?