Friday, April 2, 2010

Wandering the Streets and Taking Pills Friday!

It's sadly fitting that we've gone through a run of Charlton Comics lately, as Dick Giordano, who passed away this week, was a major editorial force behind the Charlton "Action Hero" line of titles. Giordano will no doubt be remembered more for his work with the bigger publishers, but I'm glad that this blog highlighted some of his lesser-known efforts as well.

Speaking of which, what is with Peacemaker's helmet?

Man, that is some ugly headgear. The funny thing is, when Peacemaker was revived by DC Comics in the 1980's, along with the Blue Beetle (yay!), Nightshade, Captain Atom, the Question (yay!) and Sarge Steel, the bucket-head look remained. You may ask yourself, could that helmet possibly be any worse?

Well, as a matter of fact, cue Peacemaker #5:

Now this might be an improvement, because as ridiculous as the fin looks, it looks better than the all-encompassing metal donut the old helmet looked like. Why the change? We'll let our hero explain:

See, for reasons dullards like us can't possibly understand, a fin going from the front of the head to the back provides protection from the elements that a fin going from ear-to-ear can't possibly provide. It's all about science stuff. Don't worry your pretty head with the details. Of course, this is from a guy who always goes into battle wearing short-sleeved shirts, so I'm not certain protection was as important to our hero as was his perceived sense of style.

So long, Charlton Comics! We barely knew ye!

Let's head into the weekend with some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

I don't know where this is going.... but in the name of all that is holy in this world, Robin, don't take the pills!

There's something very unsettling about a minor child wandering the streets looking for an adult male, who then tells him to take unidentified pills. Frankly, I'm not sure who has the bigger problem, but I don't like the way this whole situation is playing out! No sir, not one bit! But thank you, Detective Comics #46!

For those who celebrate, Happy Easter!

See you Monday!


Anonymous said...

I always thought that Peacemaker's helmet most closely resembled a bedpan. It fit nicely with what I imagine to be his *real* origin story...a refugee from an insane asylum who just decided out of nowhere that he'd "kill for peace."

Seriously, how is this guy not a Batman villain?

okieqt said...

It is ironic that he's wielding a laser gun thingy w/a lovely peace dove on his bizarre helmet. Metal mohawks for peace!

PS - you've had enough of a sabbatical. please come back to fb =)

Adam Barnett said...

You're kind, but FB isn't for me right now. I miss everyone, but sometimes I just need to mental floss for awhile ;-)