Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perhaps the Best Wednesday Ever!

I don't want to oversell it, but delete every other blog from your Bookmarks right now. No one, including myself, will ever top today's goodness. You might as well take your PC and throw it in the dumpster, because it will never get better than this.

From reader Josh, from Eternals #5. I never read Eternals, but if this is any indication of what lies in those Kirbyful pages, I may have to pick it up:

You know, if you keep beating off deviants, they just keep coming back. That's like trying to get rid of Amy Winehouse by throwing narcotics at her.

And speaking of deviants:

Someone's pretty open. Good for you, prof!

And for another panel that oozes awesomeness from its very pores:

Wow. Thanks, World's Finest #52! And thanks, Josh!


SallyP said...

These just cracked me up. Where oh where do you FIND these things?

Elrossiter said...



Allergy said...

Simply wonderful.

Where can I find some of those deviants? Er, for a friend...