Monday, June 8, 2009

We Got the Music in Us Monday!

Goodness knows, I don't ask for much from you folks other than your blind devotion to my schemes of world domination. But, if you happen to be handy with such things, would you consider designing a logo for my latest music project? I'm going with the name "Massive Anvil Jukebox" and I need some help in the visual aids department. I'm also looking for someone who can put together a nifty bit of album cover work.... the title of the album is going to be called "Subtle as Skywriting." So, there you have it: "Subtle as Skywriting" by "Massive Anvil Jukebox." Go nuts with it. No payment, but lots of acclaim and love from me. Mail jpgs to comicsmakenosense(atttt)gmail(dooooot)com.

And while we're on the subject of music, check out this bit of musical culturalism from World's Finest #48!:

Yeah! The Batman and Robin March! Rock on!

It's just not the same without some audio, is it? Well, I aims to please:

Oh, come now! It wasn't that bad, was it? Considering what he had to work with, and all?

If you want something right, Joker, you've gotta do it yourself!

It's true: You can find dang near anything on YouTube.

So, if you are the creative type and are having a flash of inspiration, feel free to send me your jpgs!

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Well I guess Luciano Pavarotti
wasn't available.

Allergy said...

That is classic. I used to play in a jazz combo and most of the songs we did were instrumentals, so we would make up lyrics - often just the title repeated as often as necessary to fit the melody line - and sing them at practice. Good times!

Anonymous said...

I know that I'm a dork but I loved Batman's theme song. He harmonized so well with himself:)