Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Old Order Sorta Changeth Tuesday!

Dear Ones,

I'm so sorry for missing yesterday's post. It was completely beyond my control, and I apologize for not coming through. I wish I could swear that it won't happen again, but we may be in for some challenging days ahead. Please be patient with the occasional missed post, and I'll try to keep things as regular as they have been in the past.

The Avengers never really grabbed me like their JLA counterparts. I think it's because the core members; Thor, Cap and Iron Man, were never on my must read-list in their solo titles, so seeing them all together as a team just gave me more of what I didn't care about in the first place, only in smaller doses.

But I yanked this issue out of the rack so quickly it almost left a trail of flames:

These "The Old Order Changeth" issues of the Avengers suckered me every time. They never really changed the roster to any significant degree, but I always hoped against hope that some of the B-characters I knew and loved would make a showing. I mean, the Falcon was there for a while and the Beast was still part of the team, so you never knew.

This particular issue teased me with the possibility of the Angel and Moon Knight joining the team. The Iceman didn't even make the cover, but he was part of the group of potentials as well. I didn't give a rip about Tigra or the Dazzler, of course. I mean, no one gave a rip about Tigra or the Dazzler. But the chance to have some of the original X-Men working together? Or Moon Knight, fresh off of an awesome guest appearance in the Defenders? Be still, my beating heart!

So, with Captain America deciding that the current roster was too big, some of the team had to go. Frankly, I never liked the idea that you could be fired after being an integral part of the team. I mean, where's the loyalty? But that's how they rolled, so current members Wonder Man and the Beast pondered staying with the team in this classic exchange:

Now, wasn't that fun? Wasn't there some great characterization and interaction there?

So, of course, they're both off the team by the end of the issue. If it's one thing the Avengers won't tolerate, it's interesting characters that don't happen to have their own titles.

But, hey! The Dazzler had her own book didn't she?

Yeah, we all know Moondragon is being kind. It ain't much of a power. It never was, never will be. Fortunately, Moondragon realized her mistake and took this opportunity to show Dazzler the door.

Then she had the other new guys fight each other in order to demonstrate their respective powers, which should have been a lot more interesting than it was. Of particular disappointment was the potentially awesome Moon Knight vs. Iceman fight, which was little more than guys throwing projectile weapons at each other and missing. But hey, this wasn't Contest of Champions, people!

There was, however, a great brawl between Wonder Man and Hercules:

Wasn't that awesome? Of course it was! Far too awesome for this book! So, Wonder Man and Hercules hit the road.

With all the promise of a great new era for the book, what do we get?

1) The Vision and the Scarlet Witch leaving, which is fine. I like the Vision, but if I have to sacrifice him to get the Witch out of here, I'm willing to do it.
2) The Beast leaving to join the New Defenders and have a great run before they become the ultra-dull X-Factor.
3) Jocasta leaving. No one cares.
4) Yellowjacket returning. That's hardly a big upheaval. I mean, when you already know where your room in the Avengers Mansion is, you aren't exactly shaking things up.
5) Tigra joining for the first time, establishing once again that the team needs a female character who can get cold-cocked in the first few moments of a battle with anyone this side of Leap-Frog.
6) Iron Man giving us a very awkward pose. What's with the posture? Is he wearing an adult undergarment there?

I didn't pick up any issues after that until the Ghost Rider made a guest appearance. Tease me, willya?

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

"Pigs Make good Pork Chops." I guess Hank isn't a member of PETA.

Anonymous said...

Everyone doubted Dazzler's awesome powers until she won the Gong Show.

Adam DW said...

I've always thought Moon Knight LOOKED cool, but he's never included in anything so I have to assume he actually isn't at all.

Anonymous said...

"Ho! Was 'ere a mightier blow struck on Earth?" Why is Hercules speaking with a Cockney accent? I think it's supposed to say "e'er."
I guess comics had "wrong word, spelled correctly" typos even before people became dependent on spell checkers.

E. Bernhard Warg

Sea-of-Green said...

Ah, Wonder Man and the Beast. I LOVED Wonder Man and the Beast when they were Avengers. I haven't quite been able to read the Avengers since they left the team. :-(

Anonymous said...

Tigra: Most useless Avenger. Ever.

googum said...

Love that issue, but am still steamed Cap decided the Avengers need fewer guys. Double wrong. If anything, they need more!

Anonymous said...

Will you just look at Cap's expression and his whole body language in that Dazzler panel? He's so underwhelmed he looks like he's on the verge of tears.