Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marital Advice from the Vision Thursday!

We haven't had an induction into the Character Hall of Shame for a while, have we? Well, here's Jocasta!

Take a boring, useless character like the Wasp, and literally put her boring personality into the body of a robot. And not a cool robot, either. Just a robot that clanks around and does nothing but try to mack with the Vision.

Speaking of the Vision, check out this dialogue:

This is exactly what I'm going to say the next time I'm having a spat with the wife. I am pleased that you have returned. I hope you have reconciled the things that troubled you. And you have been completely unreasonable. Again.

Hey, a contributed panel from Robert Gillis!:

As Robert pointed out, Pa Kent is having the biggest bout of senility ever. Your kid has been shrugging off bullets and stepping in front of speeding locomotives since it was in diapers, and you're genuinely surprised that his ass can withstand a smack from a hairbrush? And isn't he a little old to be spanked? Those people in Smallville were a little too slow to let go of spanking, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Thanks, Robert!

See you tomorrow!


Monkay said...

Oh, that woman is his wife. At first I thought she took his wife, then returned her (when she was done with her, or the ransom was paid, or whatever) but no, she is his wife . . . it was more fun the other way, though; "Gosh, he sure is being reasonable about it, what's up with that . . ."

Robert Gillis said...

Thanks for running that, Adam! I LOVE your site!

Anglican Avenger said...

How could you not the mention the kink robot-human passions of the Pym family tree? Hank, who married Janet, built Ultron, which rebelled against him, who built the Vision, who rebelled against him. So the Vision is married to a robot (probably built by Ultron, his "father") with the "personality" of his "grandmother"!

Anonymous said...

Is Jocasta wearing a metal wonderbra or what?!?