Monday, June 22, 2009

Golden Age Questions Monday!

Captain America is back from the dead. What a surprise (yaaaaaaawn). Say it with me: "Dead should mean dead in comics."

Check out some early Cap from All-Select Comics #6:

Is it just me, or does this gangly Captain America look like the "Keep on Truckin'" guy?

For comparison's sake:

Don't act like you don't see it.

And while I'm asking questions:

Why do gas attacks always work against androids in the Marvel Universe? Try that nonsense on the Red Tornado over in the Justice League and you might slow him down while he laughs at you. But the Torch and the Vision? Keel over like startled hamsters at the first sign of anything that offends their android nostrils.

That's right: Android nostrils. Where else are you going to see terms like that? You're welcome.

I've always thought it a little weird that the Torch had his sidekick running around in nothing but swimming trunks like some kind of cabana boy. This is not making me feel any better.

But one thing you don't want to do to the Golden Age Torch:

is piss him off. He will apparently eff you up royally, and laugh while he does it. Class dismissed!

See you tomorrow!


MOCK! said...

"Android Nostrils" will either be the name of my next band, blog or child....I can't decide which...

Zocktastic said...

Good lord... While I admit the whole meat-hool thing back from a couple months ago was gruesome, I gotta admit that the Comics Authority kinda had a point. Being trapped inside a burning vehicle is not a good way to go.

On another note, why is said burning vehicle crashing into a diner? Does Torch not care about the innocent folks inside getting their hamburger sammiches with french-fried potates garnish?

Zocktastic said...

Meat hook. I can't type.

David said...

That image of Cap reminds me more of a movie I saw once where Alan Alda played a guy with no knee-caps. That's exactly the way he walked.

I'm actually more worried about the shadowy guy next to Cap. His right leg is at least a foot longer than his left one.

Allergy said...

The gas attacks work against androids because the gas is made from EXHAUST!

That first panel perplexed me because it looks like Bucky is wearing a boot on his arm.

Aaron Carine said...

Jeez,those Golden Age heroes would kill at the drop of a hat.