Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get to Know the People of Gotham Tuesday!

What? No more Chronicles of Narnia movies? I'm disgustapated.

Let's console ourselves by visiting the wacky characters in Batman #31!

Dick Grayson..... tends to over-explain things in casual conversation.

Batman.... has a thing for unattractive women.

and Harry.... tends to lose a lot of money at public events.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Let's also not forget the double use of the enthnic smear 'gyp'.

SallyP said...

It's always the ones who think they "know" the deal, that are the biggest suckers. I'm assuming that the fellow went home wearing a barrel.

Adam Barnett said...

A very good point from our anonymous poster.... it's funny how easy it is to forget that a lot of slang terms come from racial slurs.

Anglican Avenger said...

I hope our naive friend Harry made it home - Gotham's a dangerous place. Why would Dick Grayson, a boy raised at a carnival, be so excited by a fairground?

珊珊李 said...