Monday, September 15, 2008

Tyrockin' Monday!

Hey, we passed our 100,000 hit over the weekend! How about that? Not bad for a blog that's been around for less than 2 years! Thanks to you for making this blog a success.

And when we speak of success, we need look no further than Superboy & LSH v1 #218!

Why? Well, because we see the second appearance of Infectious Lass for one thing!

Oh, Quake Kid.... I appreciate how desperate single guys can get, but the girl's whole shtick is that she spreads disease. I loves me some Infectious Lass as much as anyone, but is this really the girl you want to go for? I mean, really? Did someone shout "last call!" and I just didn't hear it?

Attacked.... so suddenly.... I wasn't ready..... oh, where's that Legionnaire whose super-power is the ability to foresee the future? Why didn't she warn us? Oh, it's me? Whoops!

Also, what was Dream Girl proposing she would have done even if she'd had a month to prepare? The girl sleeps. And talks about it. She ain't exactly front line infantry material...

This was actually the issue that was supposed to show that Tyroc really deserved his invite to the Legion. And, if you don't know who Tyroc was, don't worry - neither does anyone else.

Anyhoo, Tyroc is now facing the guy who has temporarily has all the powers of Superboy. And no, it wasn't Nemesis Kid, because that would have been too awesome:

Ok, everybody got that? He's just as formidable as Superboy! Remember that, because it's important! And try not to get distracted by the fact that his name is "Absorbency Boy" and it sounds like a brand of tampon you'd find at the dollar store. Focus, dang it! Focus!

Ok, I'll buy that Tyroc took advantage of the fact that AB overshot the use of his power and that was his downfall. I get it and it was very clever blah, blah, blah.

But since when is Superboy vulnerable to a "bonk" in the clavicle?

See what I mean? AB is essentially Superboy right then, but he gets taken out by a karate chop! And a non-Karate Kid karate chop to boot.

Say it with me: That makes no sense!

Just getting back to our roots for a moment there.

See you tomorrow!


Robert Gillis said...

Brianiac 5: "Careful Tyroc, he's as formidable as Superboy!"

Tyroc: "No worries. Evil guy!"

Evil guy with Superboy powers: "Ha! You really think one of your famous yells is all it takes to defeat me?"


Evil guy with Superboy powers: ahhhhhhhhhhggggggGGGGGGGG NOOOOO! make it stop! It burns! It burns!

Tyroc turns to camera and breaks the fourth wall: Remember kids, there's a name for the man who can wear a speedo: That name is NO ONE!!!!!!

Tomfoolery said...

I'd go out with Infectious Lass... even if it did cause sharp pains in the stomach.

De said...

It didn't dawn on me until now that Infectious Lass probably has every STD known to man or alien. Hope you've got an adamantium condom or 12 in your tights, Quake Kid.

Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, geez, I actually HAD this comic at one point. "...I can even cause epidemics!" It's amazing Infectious Lass never turned super-villain considering how often the Legion brushed her off. And if she HAD turned super-villain, the entire Legion would have been TOAST.

SallyP said...

When you think about's true that Infectious Lass is probably one of the most powerful people out there! Silly Legionnaires!

Robert Gillis said...

Where's the Tuesday update? I need my fix!

Adam Barnett said...

It's happenin'..... I can only promise to have new posts up before 5 o'clock Central time because my ability to get to the "post" button varies from day to day, but always by 5.


Robert Gillis said...

Thank you! We love this site!

Bunche said...

As a kid I always found Infectious Lass kind of wistfully cute, but I always wondered if that stuff that looked like some kind of questionable effluvium hanging off of her arms was just a costume gimmick or some sort of biological by-product. If the latter, I don't want to contemplate her bodily logistics any further...

Anonymous said...

Um, so was I really, really seriously drunk on my Unemployment check last week, or is it true that late in the Giffen game, Infectious Lass got a makeover and married the President of Earth-- y'know, the guy who used to be Invisible Kid II ?

Can somebody explain to me in 2,000,000 words or less how that happened ? I mean, I still don't get the whole weird story about Cham having Brande for a bio-dad just because apparently the Comics Code didn't approve of trans-species adoption back then. So that tells you I'm just made of the right stuff. :o

-- cleome45

I need another bourbon now.