Thursday, September 25, 2008

Avengers Assembly Required Thursday!

From Avengers v.1 #3 and #4:

These panels are kinda out of order. I call that "artistic license."

Okay, I know this is mostly symbolic, but wouldn't you hate to try and follow it up?

Step forward, Captain America! Stand with your fellow Avengers.





(followed by uncomfortable silence)

Uh.... nice stepping, Cap.

So, what do we do now?

Uh.... we've got a Wii in the rec room.


Ok, everyone get that? We don't need to worry about Thor, Iron Man, or Giant Man. We just need to cover the Wasp. Anyone else see the pattern developing here?

I hate to break it to you, Cap.... but you did have the Sub-Mariner back in your time. According to the 41 issues of The Invaders in which you were core members of the same team and fought Hitler side-by-side, I think one could argue that you've met.

I seem to recall there was an explanation later as to why Namor didn't recognize Cap during this encounter, but not for vice versa.

Yeah, Jan. You've done too much for too long. Sit a spell. Take your shoes off.

I really wonder why they bothered with female characters at all back in the day. For example:

Thor? Taking on an entire army of Atlantean soldiers single-handed...

Giant-Man? He's no Thor, but successfully fighting nine guys at once certainly earns you the big baked potato at dinner....

Where's the Wasp?

Oh, here she is!

You know she's the real reason the Hulk left. She was buzzing around everyone's head like a mosquito, and she was still more popular with the group than he was.

Women have it so easy. Yeah, I said it!

See you tomorrow!


Samus said...

Jan doesn't seem to be accomplishing much overall here...

"Hey Giant-Man! pay attention to me!Pay attention to meeeee!"

"Kinda busy throwing ten men across a room here Wasp..."

"Oh okay, well I'm just gonna go now, all right? Macy's is having a sale!"

Robert Gillis said...

"My enchanted mallet" just sounds dirty. C'mon, admit it.

Anyway... The scene with Cap "stepping" over reminds me of a silver-age tale when a Superman robot passed one of Superman's initiation tests and Superman told him that he'd passed and to "Join the other robots" who were just, um, standing there.

De said...

Didn't Cap still have some amnesia after being frozen in ice for so long?

Aaron Carine said...

Even in the pre-Invaders continuity,Cap should have known about Namor,since he had been destroying New York City around 1940-41.

FoldedSoup said...

Someone needs a'Slappin'

smelloffail said...

"Women have it so easy."

...especially, when men are the writers. XD But, really, if there are any women who should be a secretary for a group of male superhero's *cough* Wonder Woman *cough**cough* it should be Wasp (though, i'm sure there are many other women in the Marvel U that would fit the bill as well). I'm just saying, what can the Wasp do? Even, if she was a bad secretary it would still be better than her being a bad superheroine.

SallyP said...

Seriously, the Wasp had to take a bathroom break in the middle of a fight? I've always wondered what would happen, if someone had to "go" and just yelled for a time-out. Would they all just stand around and smoke a cigarette or have a coffee until the timeout was over and start fighting again?

Anonymous said...

sallyp, Don't you remember the jail break scene in "Watchmen"? When you have to go, you HAVE to go. Of course, in that particular case, it wasn't a otty emergency.

Also, Samus, I ake it you're a videogame fan, huh?

Allergy said...

Sheesh. I bet they wanted to fit a little more pompousness onto that cover, but there just wasn't room for it.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from Wasp? The Avengers didn't have a piano.

Chance said...

I seem to recall there was an explanation later as to why Namor didn't recognize Cap during this encounter, but not for vice versa.

Oh, Namor recognized Cap, all right... He just chose not to acknowledge him.