Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All-Star Silliness Wednesday!

At the risk of sounding our age, Beloved and I have permanently abandoned Fringe from our television schedule. The pilot was painfully dull, and last night's extended torture scene of a helpless woman was like watching a staged snuff film. That was irresponsible garbage, and Fox may quote me. House continues to rule my world, though.

Now, if you really want to scare people, work in an appearance of Peachy Pet:

From All-Star Comics #15. Can you believe that there have been no efforts to revive this character? Try forgetting that mug! She wasn't used nearly enough, even back in the day.

Also from All-Star Comics #15:

I bet the boys themselves would be fooled!

Well, I normally don't have identity confusion when I see someone wearing the same suit as me. I especially doubt I'd think someone wearing the same clothes as me was actually me once I saw that the "other me" was actually a woman. I agree with Wonder Woman in that the JSA guys were cretins, but I think she was really selling them short on that one.

Know what's almost as cool as gorillas? Giant insects:

Especially insects turning to crime, like in All-Star Comics #18!

Keep in mind that when insects turn to crime, it's largely society's fault.

Not necessarily the Justice Society's. Society at large. You get what I mean.

Also from All-Star Comics #18:

That's quite the theatrical illustration there, Hawkman. Of course, the ants are infesting the JSA headquarters while you stand there posing like you've just discovered penicillin.

I don't know of anyone who preferred Dr. Fate's half-helmet. Is it just me, or is it getting tighter all the time? It's starting to look like a swimming cap.

I hope I never have to look for a job, but just in case I do, I'm going to remember that sometimes an unexpected answer can make you stand out:

That's pretty good. Another one I've always wanted to say is that one where they ask you, "What are your worst qualities?" I'd like to respond, "I'm a meth addict with an explosive personality disorder!"

But I bet I never do that. Good answer from Mr. Spider-Hater, though.

See you tomorrow!


FoldedSoup said...

On a recommendation, we watched the pilot of Fringe and liked it enough to be interested about the second episode.

Watched it last night. There were times when the Roller Girl had to physically leave the room, she was so uncomfortable. Let me emphasize that: A girl who plays in a (semi) professional sport where she (sometimes) breaks other people's bones was majorly skeeved out.

If that's what they were going for.. well, good for them, I suppose. Personally, I really hope it doesn't turn into another "gross-out for gross-out's sake but with mediocre, unoriginal ideas" Sci-Fi series. Start giving me plots I can't predict before the first commercial and characters that are.. well, likable. Except for crazy science doctor guy. Crazy science doctor guy rocks.

And on that note, yes.. House does, too.

Adam Barnett said...

I've got to say that I was reluctant to even try a second episode because it was so freakin' DULL. It was only because Beloved wanted to give it the "three episode" rule before bailing. Last night took care of that. It doesn't seem to know how to land between either extreme.

The two male leads were okay, I suppose, but this would require major re-tooling and someone who understands the concept of "leave something to the imagination" before I'd try it again.

De said...

Wow. I'll be sure to watch the second episode of Fringe while Mrs. Baisch is out running errands or something.

So spiders don't go to banks? Far out.

Jack Norris said...

The idea that the Spectre has a "costume" that you could actually put on to disguise yourself as him... would never have occurred to me. Well, the hood and cape, maybe the mask... but the white skin? I just thought he was like that due to his ghostly, supernatural, otherworldly nature.
So I guess God himself, when making Corrigan into the Spectre, actually issued him a white full-body leotard and a thing of white face makeup?

Aaron Carine said...

A bank is NOT one place where you can be sure you will never find a spider. At my bank,a friggin' huge spider set up its web right by the front door.

D.B. Echo said...

"Sorry, Mr. Jameson. While your resumé is quite impressive, I believe you would be a better fit for the newspaper industry. I understand that the Daily Bugle is looking for a reporter..."

SallyP said...

As a former banker, I can honestly say I never say a spider IN the bank. We did have a mouse once though.

What really startles me, is how WELL the guy's costumes fit the woman. Who knew that Starman had such a tiny waist?

Allergy said...

Considering Hawkman goes around bare-chested all the time, I don't see how they think they could fool anyone with that one.