Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bat-Role-Modelin' Thursday!

The whole issue of Batman using guns has become mighty blurry. In the 70's and 80's, the rule was that he would never fire a gun. This had something to do with the repulsion he felt for them when he saw his own parents gunned down.

Now, anyone who has seen The Dark Knight or read The Dark Knight Returns knows that, while Bruce doesn't whip out a six-shooter, he has no problem using artillery fire. This is kind of like saying you won't eat meat unless you're going to eat a whole cow.

But the Batman I knew growing up would never fire a gun. This was a principle that actually put him in a death trap in Detective Comics #452, where it was "fire the gun or die":

But, for some reason, Batman didn't have that issue early in his career, like in this scene from Batman #4:

I never carry a gun... but I'll still shoot ya with one if it happens to fall into my lap. Yeah, the fact that you shot me with my own gun shows me you really stuck to your anti-gun principles there.

Also from Batman #4, Bruce was apparently a bit less guarded about the secret identity:

I know you're Batman!

Yes, this is Bruce Wayne. Who's calling, please

More good oodles from Batman #5:

See? Bruce didn't always smoke a pipe. Sometimes he lit up a 'gert. Crime fighting is stressful work, and sometimes that sweet Carolina smoke is what the doctor ordered!

I don't know what it means to be "pardoned in your mother's hand," but if I were that guy, I'd take my chances in prison. That sounds like a scene from Oz in the making.

Okay, did you get all that? Apparently, by reading this blog, you are now enemies of all mankind. Now, get out there and cure something! Shame on each and every one of you!

Oh, I can't stay mad at you guys. We'll move on....

I dunno.... Bruce may be going there to meet some big husky Texans! It's not like the women in Gotham were much to look at....

Seriously.... I don't see him inviting her to join him down there.

And, just in case we hadn't mentioned it in a while....

Don't clown with Robin.

See you tomorrow!


De said...

Bruce's trip to Texas might explain some of those creepy panels with Robin.

Allergy said...

I bet this problem comes up every time he answers the bat phone while wearing the Bruce Wayne getup.

I love Robin as the rebellious teenager. "Sure, I'm not allowed to kill someone with a gun, but I can break his wrist so he shoots himself with the gun he's holding. But I'm still following all of Bats' rules!"

Aaron Carine said...

Remember the early issue where he used the Batplane to strafe bad guys?
I hear that was what produced the editorial decision banning him from killing.

Adam Barnett said...

You know, I recall a Detective Comics issue where Bats encountered the alleged ghost of Fritz Von Hammer aka Enemy Ace. I remember he was forced into a dogfight but could not specifically remember if he ever fired the guns.

Of course, at the age of 12, the logic that forbade me from shooting a pistol but allowing me to shoot a machine gun from a vehicle would have been perfectly acceptable...

Tomfoolery said...

Bruce Simpson: "Hello this is Bruce Wayne, who... the hell are you?"

SallyP said...

I love the panel with the judge, and the mother, whom I assume to be Mrs. Olsen.

"Now Jimmy, the nice judge has remanded you into my care...and Mommy will never ever let you go again1"


And gosh, but Robin was a bit more hardcore than I ever suspected!

Aaron Carine said...

"I will never kill. I will only twist the criminal's gun hand so he shoots himself. That doesn't count,right? And I'll gimmick the car's brakes so he ends up splattered all over the street.That isn't really killing,is it? And maybe I'll switch his heart medicine..."

Johnny said...

Why so serious? :D

Johnny said...

Also, i think Robin's just feeling his pulse, at least that's what they told the judge!