Monday, September 22, 2008

Avengers Assemble Monday!

Can you do a comics blog without the Avengers? I think not.

We'll see as we progress that the Avengers, while never quite as interesting as their DC counterparts in Justice League of America, had their moments.

Like this very last panel from Avengers v.1 #1:

That's right. The Hulk did a great Mr. T impersonation before there was a Mr. T! I piddy the fool that exposes hisself to gamma radiation!

From Avengers v.1 #2:

Is that Iron Man or a giant, talking, golden salt shaker?

We can't start the meeting without Ant Man!

You can't? Hmmmmmm... you've got the Hulk, Thor, an inexplicably morbidly obese Iron Man.... yeah, considering you've got three guys who could topple a skyscraper with one swift kick, you can probably proceed without the guy who can make himself as small as a bug.


This is one of the most unintentionally funny panels I've ever seen. Read it while playing the Looney Toons theme in your head, and try not to smile. The Avengers weren't exactly poetry in motion back in the day.

You see? It's not that I object to the Wasp because she's a woman, but because she's an idiot.

Miss Van Dyne, if you'll wait outside, I'll contact Thor for you.

Oh.... okay!


I am Thor! Please ignore the fact that I just appeared in this closed room and Dr. Donald Blake has disappeared. There is no connection between the two events, verily!

Whatever you say, you husky God of Thunder!


The biggest prop one can give Robert Downey Jr. is that he took a very unlikable character in comics (especially after Civil War) and made Iron Man a flawed but sympathetic character.

That being said....

Ain't no way Iron Man has anything in his bag of tricks that can repel the freakin' hammer of Thor. Shenanigans!

I'm no chemist (or alchemist, or metallurgist for that matter):

but I've never known of anything rusting immediately.

See? Immediate rust? Can I get someone who knows what they're talking about to tell me if we got shenanigans here?

Great to be back! See you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

So Iron Man was a match for Thor and the Hulk combined? Absurd,Absurd,I tell you!

Erich said...

I love Iron Man's rather noncommittal vow of teamwork. "We'll fight together...or separately, if need be." Yay, we're a team! Except when we're working alone. Whatever.

Matthew A. said...

The Hulk really was articulate back in the Silver Age, wasn't he? When did he start with the broken English ("You not Hulk's friend! Hulk smash!")?

Matthew a. said...

Hey wait a minute... is Iron Man rolling along on what are effectively Stark Industries roller skates?

Captain Infinity said...

Well, the Tin Man seemed to rust up pretty quick in Wizard of Oz. Does that count as proof?

Dave said...

Forget the instant rusting in that last panel. Does Tony have an orangutan in his suit? His arms look like they'd reach down to his ankles.

Erich said...

There's only one explanation for Iron Man's instant rust...Chemical King must be speeding up the oxidation reaction!

PS. Three toes?

D.B. Echo said...

Too bad Iron Man never met Paint Man!

I have seriously wanted to do a post on this comic since I bought a miniature replica at a dollar store a few years back. Janet van Dyne - boy crazy! Iron Man - mortal enemies include sand and water! And the Hulk...the Hulk...

Strange being who, when he becomes angry or is subjected to stress, turns into Bruce Banner! Who then has to stand on a scientific presto-changeo machine to turn back into the Hulk!

How could you post this without showing an image of the Hulk in disguise?

Quiz time! When the Hulk is on the run from his fellow Avengers, he adopts a disguise that he tought would allow him to hide in plain sight. What is it?

a) Hiding in a remote mountain region, he frightens away the few travelers by pretending to be the legendary Ogre of the Mountain.

b) Finding a supply of flesh-colored paint, he disguises himself as a giant and lives peacefully among backwoods farmers, helping them with their daily chores, plowing, and stump removal.

c) Putting on clown makeup, he masquerades as a giant clown robot and juggles elephants at a traveling circus.

Which could it be? Which could it possibly be?

And what does the Hulk say to his ex-teammates as he leaves the Avengers?

a) "RRRRRAGH! Hulk angry! No want to be on team no more!"
b) "Little people get out of Hulk's way or HULK SMASH!"
c) Some long, tedious speech in perfect English about how he knows that no one on the team really likes him, and how his feelings are hurt, and he's leaving, the end. could spend a few months on the first few issues of The Avengers!

Aaron Carine said...

It was c) the circus (technically he wasn't yet an Avenger)

It must have been the tedious speech,because Hulk speak real good back then.

sPat said...

As far as instant rust goes, I used to own a wok, which was made of iron or steel (I'm no metallurgist either), but definitely not stainless steel. Because whenever I washed it, if I didn't dry it within a minute or two, it had a good layer of rust on it. So, yes, instant rust. But not for you spoiled young people with your fancy modern "stainless steel".

Which really makes you wonder how smart Tony Stark was. Why didn't he make his suit out of stainless steel? Was this the first time he was ever out in the rain?

SallyP said...

Well Tony may be a genius, but he's also really really stingy. Instead of using good AMERICAN steel for his super suit, he cheaped out and used that crappy imported stuff. It rusts up if you just LOOK at it.

Robert Gillis said...

So Thor magically appears and the other guy is gone - -what's the name for that syndrome when the secret identify SHOULD be obvious but is not?

Also--Superman has kryptonite and magic, and Iron Man, has, ummmmmmmmm, rain?

Thor: We have to save the world?
Iron man: Can't. 20% chance of showers today!
Thor: Bitchin roller skates, though.
Iron Man: True Dat.

Elie said...

Hey, he's Thor, god of thunder, right? So it's *magic* rain!

Sleestak said...

instant rust from magic rain.

Baal said...

Forget Looney Tunes. The Benny Hill theme popped in my head even before I finished your text. All it needed was a nurse accidentally shedding clothes keeping ahead of them and it would have been perfect!

Anonymous said...

it is divine intervention what happened so if a god says it rust it will rust :p