Friday, May 2, 2008

Straight-Talkin' Legion Friday!

From Adventure Comics #351

Finally, someone comes right out and says it: Rich folks are more deserving of protection from crime than poor folks. Why has it taken us so long to figure that out?

Remember, the Legion is a democracy, but when the votes have been counted...

you don't sass Invisible Kid. Any guy unafraid to wear a headband in public will mess you up!

Just so you could see it firsthand:

Yup, that's Shrinking Violet flying into Superboy's cranium by going up his nose. What more needs to be said?

As fanboys and fangirls all over know, Iron Man opens today! Check out my favorite Iron Man cover, ever:

Actually, if they changed the title to Tony Stark: Boozehound, I'd probably read it.

See you Monday!


Gildas said...

Man,Matter Eater Lad really let himself go. Munching on bricks in between meals,I'd say.

Madpuppy said...

Brandes' endowment pays the Legion's bills? Who is this guy- a 31st Century John Holmes?

mwb said...

So am I the only one who flashes a mental image of Brande's Angels - Charles Angels meeting the girls of the Legion?

I'll go sit in the corner now...