Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Radar Guided Chemoid with Super Sensitive Nostrils Tuesday!

From Adventure Comics #363:

A rare moment in history when Light Lass actually comes to someone else's rescue. This would not happen again until the mid-1980's, and only because she got her lightning power back.

Check out the Moon Suit. There's some cutting-edge technology for you. Also doubles as a birth-control device. I had never heard of Major Matt Mason. Did anyone have one of these things? The Space Crawler actually looked kinda cool....

From Daredevil v1., #48:

Nostrils. Super-sensitive nostrils! The sixties were gold.... GOLD, I tells ya! They weren't afraid to toss around words like "nostril" back then.

I forget what DD was doing at that moment. I think he was at Arby's.


Comixbear said...

Actually, Daredevil was entering the public restroom at a bus station! That's enough to knock out anyone.

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Sleestak said...

I had MMM toys and they ruled! This was back in the day when the rubber arms and legs had a skeleton of sharp pointy wire inside!

De said...

The Space Walker makes an appearance in Joan Crawford's final film, Trog. Helluva note to end on.

SallyP said...

Isn't it nice to know that you can actually defeat Daredevil with horseradish?

And ripping out a guy's antennae? Gee, Light Lass, a little on the brutal side, aren't we?

jettblackberryx said...

Major Matt Mason was awesome.
I had most of his gadgets too.

I didn't have him to moonwalks though. He made a better bath-time toy than a rubber ducky.

Excellent toy. google him!


Jack Norris said...

I totally had MMM figures, and, by strange coincidence, the accessories pictured. The last remnant, a single space helmet, was still kicking around my parent's house well into my mid-20s.

Christine said...

Damn you! I was going to post the supersensitive nostril bit on my blog, and since there can never be any double-posting on the Internet... lol.

I think he's actually in a perfume factory (or shop, at least) in this story. What I love about the nostril bit is that Matt obviously doesn't know much about anatomy, his own or anybody else's. Saying that he has supersensitive nostrils is like saying he has supersensitive earlobes. You don't actually smell anything with your nostrils, they're just holes in your face. :)

Pere Ubu said...

Frightening thing is, some of the MMM stuff was based on actual concept plans for lunar missions, the moon suit being one of them.

Viz - the Grumman early 60's lunar exploration suit.

mr said...

I think I would prefer Light Lass with a sadistic side.