Friday, May 30, 2008

Dishing about Daredevil Friday!

From Daredevil #61. I liked DD long before Frank Miller got hold of him and made him even more awesome. I'm not sure why. I think I liked the billy club/cable weapon he used. I also thought he had a pretty decent rogues gallery. This issue had the very-promising unholy grouping of the Cobra & Mr. Hyde (who almost always appeared as a team) and the Jester:

What I thought was weird about this story was that, while an appearance by Cobra/Hyde usually lasted at least two issues and the Jester was usually evil enough for a three parter, the three of them together only took one issue to tell the tale.

And (here there be spoilers of a thirty-eight year old comic, so beware!) all DD really did was dodge things until the police showed up. Once I saw that happen, I was kinda surprised more comics didn't end that way. I mean, time is theoretically on your side if you're trying to enforce the law, so why not just wait for the cops to show up?

And there was even space to devote to another stop on the Karen Page Bitchapalooza Tour:

I think, if Matt wanted to stay true to his "alter ego as a blind lawyer," he could have tossed his cane at Karen's head. Wouldn't that have made for a better read? You aren't going anywhere, woman! BONK! Oh, did I hit you in the head? Sorry! Not my fault! After all, I'm BLIND! Whap!

But it did give the bad guys time to set multiple traps for DD at the local carnival. I'm not a big carnival-goer, but I've been to a few. Yet I have no idea what this particular piece of machinery is supposed to be. Has anyone ever seen anything that looks remotely like that?

I like the way the sound effect said "KLAMP!" as it clamped on DD. I think all sound-effects should be that way. "GRAB!" "SHOVE!" "TRANSMITVENEREALDISEASE!"

More fun with sound effects. I was afraid (yet hoping) the "tinkling" sound was someone taking a whiz. Turned out it was the sound of glass rattling, which wasn't nearly as entertaining.

Seriously. Wouldn't it have been awesome if DD landed and turned to face Mr. Hyde taking a whiz? Now that would have been a bold direction for the title.

Still no job offers from Marvel or DC as a staff writer. I wonder what's taking them so long?

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SallyP said...

It's ok Matt, you don't have to run after Karen! Her having a hissy fit and stomping out on a BLIND man, will just make the other patrons think that she's awful. And she is, the little hussy.