Monday, May 5, 2008

The Tragic Story of Youth Monday!

From Adventure #351....

You'd think someone with Ferro Lad's disfigured face would be a bit more sympathetic but no, even the hideously deformed like to pick on fat people. I don't even need a space suit, and you're too fat to fit in one? Sucks to be you! Lard ass!

This is one of my favorite ads ever. There has been a wreck, that car looks like it's seconds away from exploding, and the moron in the window is using the telegraph to call for help.

Seriously, Junior, could you put the toy down for just a second and use the phone? Time is rather of the essence here....

No way! I've been waiting for this chance all my life!

Kid, I've got internal bleeding going on here!

Just a second! I've almost tapped out the first word! Gosh, I hope someone is listening on the other end!

Really, kid.... I'm fading fast!

And his buddy on the other end there doesn't look like he's going to be much help. Then again, what's he supposed to do when he hears "S.O.S." over and over? Summon the Royal Navy?

From Adventure #352, we have yet another PSA....

Those are pretty inspiring, and it gives you yet another idea of how much we've declined. Who would we hold up to inspire kids these days? Kobe Bryant? Michael Vick? Mike Tyson?

Yeah, I know I'm sounding old. I don't care. It's a perfectly valid point.

And, just because I thought it was funny:


Comixbear said...

Not to mention that Twinkie-Eater Lad himself is pretty rough on Bouncing Boy himself. "I'm fat due to a problem fighting a villain. You just eat a lot."

Belvoir said...

I thought for sure you'd have some drollery with the idea that the whiny kids would be taking life advice from the soda jerk they get to order around.

"Don't quit, kids! Don't be like..ME!! Sob!"

Poor George, all he wanted was to be a crooner on the radio, but at least the sweet surrepitous nips of booze help him get through the day of serving brats who don't tip.

Jack Norris said...

What the hell is that thing on Iron Man's head? Was that really on a comic version of his armor, and whose fault was it? It looks retarded.

SallyP said...

Frankly, I think that using a telegraph HAS to be faster than texting, but I'm old-fashioned.

Man, they just can't let up with the fat jokes can they?

De said...

When the kid says, "I guess we should be glad we don't handicaps like theirs to overcome," it looks ol' Soda Jerk is about to say, "You're missing the point, dumbass!"

Jack: That version of armor in the video is the Thorbuster Armor. It was patterned after the Destroyer, Odin's magically-animated suit of armor he created to beat on the Celestials. Thor kicked Iron Man's ass anyway.

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