Friday, May 9, 2008

Eavesdropping on Daredevil Friday!

You know how last year I went on for months making fun of the Fantastic Four? I just couldn't help it because the stories actually got worse as I went along. Why anyone read this for the first 40 years, I don't know.

Equally baffling to me is why Daredevil paled before the FF in sales. Compared to the embarrassment of riches I had in the FF, zingers I can make about the Daredevil series are actually few and far between.

That being said, here's a couple of things from Daredevil v.1, #42:

Where do bad guys get those big photos of themselves to hang on the walls of their secret lairs? Do they go to a Moto Photo and just get the uber-wallsize, or do they take a regular snapshot to Kinko's? I'm guessing the Kinko's option, because those folks are generally pretty bored and probably wouldn't notice.

And now, a couple of totally cheap giggles I got by taking the dialogue totally out of context:

Dodging the "thrusts" were bad enough, but then things took an extra scary turn:

Not that you were wondering, but just so there is no doubt: There is no good way to "butt" me. In fact, "butting" me is not an option. My keister is exit-only, and there's no technique you're gonna come up with that will change my mind.

And, since I seem to have no shame today, here is a classic piece of dialogue from Daredevil v.1, #44:

I can't imagine why so many of Matt's ex-girlfriends ended up heroin-addicted porn stars and paid assassins....

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Elie said...

The FF was great from about 1965-1975, or until the writing duties moved from Lee/Thomas to Gerry Conway and the like.