Friday, May 23, 2008

Stamp Yer Foot Friday!!

Boring programming note: Since Monday is Memorial Day, I will not put up another post until Tuesday. Sorry, troopers, but I takes the holidays when they gives 'em to me.

If you believe it, you can be it! Check out Karate Kid:

From Adventure Comics #367: Karate Kid decides he's Gorgon from the Inhumans. I hate to be a poopypants, but I don't care what kind of chop-socky black belt you have, I don't think you can cause seismic vibrations. Shenanigans!

But this letter from that issue makes it all worthwhile:

Yeah, I agree! I'm running low on panels where girls get smacked!


From Adventure Comics #369:

Well, guess who's coming to dinner! A blue-skinned woman! Oh, Martha, you adorable bigot....

Did this ever really happen? If a perfect stranger showed up at my door, even if DNA tests proved they were a relative, they wouldn't be staying at my house. Frankly, I'd be hesitant to let them stay at my house especially if they proved to be a relative of mine.

See you Tuesday!


Gildas said...

Also,if someone with blue skin claimed to be my cousin,I would be pretty skeptical.

Since Karate Kid was able to fight Superboy,I can believe that his kicks would be high on the Richter scale.

De said...

How was Shadow Lass passed off as normal in Smallville anyway? Was she drenched in Tammy Faye makeup?

Erich said...

If this is the same story I recall, then yes, that IS exactly how Shadow Lass "passed"...they covered her skin with make-up. When a patch of it rubbed off and a classmate pointed it out, Clark covered for her by squirting the other kid with ink and "apologetically" explaining that his fountain pen had been giving him trouble all day.

Jake said...

In Karate Kid's series, Major Disaster unleashes an earthquake capable of destroying a town which Val defeats by kicking the tremors to death. Seriously.

Also you have to love Superboy's body language when he's talking to his parents, it's so clear he wants to kick Mon-El out and have Duo Damsel and Shadow Lass move into his room. said...

Gotta defend Martha against the charge of racism. Expressing surprise upon meeting a blue skinned girl isn't exactly the same as being a Grand Dragon of the KKK.