Monday, September 17, 2007

Superboy Silliness Super-Sized Spectacular pt. 2

Well, let's see how successful my first two-part blog entry worked out. It's easy to forget things over the weekend, but I'm sure my razor-sharp memory will come through.

So, that's how you have an advantage over criminals, you say? With the power that I presume they also have?

Superboy totally supports the insanity defense, but it doesn't seem to matter to the guy from Texas Titan.

I think he tried to do some good deeds or something. I got all distracted wondering what part of his body that extreme heat was coming from.

And then, um..... let me think.

Oh, yeah!

Reed Richards had a theory. He went on and on, so I just kinda skimmed those panels like I always do.

And Ben got annoyed. So I started reading again. It ended somehow.

There! Wasn't that great? We'll do more of those in the future.


FoldedSoup said...

You know what should follow that panel with Reed snapping his fingers in a "Eurika!" moment?

That one where he slaps Sue.

SallyP said...

Mmmmmm...taking a bath in junk. Oh those wacky Titanians.

I love the look on the Things face. Haven't we ALL had that look when Reed starts bloviating?