Monday, September 10, 2007

A Fond Farewell to Summer Camp

Yup, as summer gives way to autumn, and us old farts point and laugh at the miserable faces on the young as they march back to school, we say good-bye to our fondest summer camp memories:

Okay, let's pretend for a moment those wooden letters would stay in the air long enough for these dullards to read it. What the heck is with that conversation over there on the right? Are you as afraid as I am to find out what these kids know about "Camp Counselor Superboy?" You know, the guy prancing around in leotards? Does anyone have a theory other than "that love which we dare not speak its name"?

This went from awesome to stupid from one panel to the next. I appreciate that Red didn't take no orders from no dames, but what is up with his little buddy checking to see if there's an engine in the bus? I know kids are pretty cynical these days, but who does that?

Three things:

1) Out of sheer principle, I refuse to pull a chain to make a statue blow a whistle. Maybe when I have enough real cops on my streets that I'm not afraid to walk to my mailbox, I won't resent this allocation of resources. Until then, howsabout we focus more on preventing a few more bridges from collapsing and a little less on making statues tweet?

2) I do not believe, for one minute, that blowing a whistle makes a cop appear. Besides, Green Arrow has everything this side of George Foreman Grill Arrow, so I don't think he'd have to rely on a tweeting statue, know what I mean?

3) Even if I can get past my first two objections, I do not pull anything dangling that close another man's crotch. Even a plaster crotch. No, especially a plaster crotch.


Bret said...

Hey, panel two has a "That's what she said". In the 40s that was daring, risque humor.

Also, superboy could be just a murderer, not... you know.

Not that it's more likely, but iy does fit the track record.

Captain Infinity said...

I find it even more odd that Green Arrow is taking time crack wise with a statue.

Siskoid said...

Green Arrow prefigured Fox reality tv...