Friday, September 14, 2007

Superboy Silliness Super-Sized Spectacular pt. 1

Sometimes, it's not easy being a comic blogger. Some days, you read comic after comic, and there's just nothing to make fun of.

And then along comes Adventure Comics #205. It's a story so full of snarky goodness, I can't put it all in one day's post.

You know you're looking at fertile ground when they pull out the old doppelganger plot device. You know the shtick - similar powers, only the new guy is all mysterious and eventually reveals himself to be evil, which always surprises the protagonist even though a new guy crossing your paths with similar powers is never anything but evil.

Um.... new guy? I don't know how they do it where you're from, but you're flying awfully close to Superboy. Let's leave enough room in between you for the Holy Spirit, what say?
Love, the Comics Code Authority

MOM! DAD? WHAT THE HELL? Feel free to blurt out my secret identity to a total stranger! When I'm wearing my super suit, I'm SUPERBOY! How hard is that? You ruin EVERYTHING!

Is it just me, or is Superboy looking a little mooney-eyed at the new kid?

Nope. It wasn't just me. He and I are almost like brothers! Or something! It's like on the Brady Bunch where you were just waiting for the moment Greg and Marcia would start making out.

Don't want to lose the secret ID? That ship sailed about three pages ago, Clark!

I hate to leave you with a cliff-hanger, but..... TO BE CONTINUED!


SallyP said...

Well, it's pretty obvious from the start that Kral is going to be evil. Just look at his eyebrows! Those are EVIL eyebrows!


FoldedSoup said...

If this one ends with Superboy knowing from the get-go that Kral was shady because Titan is a moon of Saturn, not Jupiter, well then...

I just wrote myself a Silver Age comic! Yippie!

Anonymous said...

Hey, not all aliens with similar superpowers from space in smallville was evil.

There was Mon-El, and...
Mon-El and....
Well, there was Mon-El.

Anonymous said...

I love how Superboy changes into his costume because "you never know when it may be needed".

Of course he is just thinking ahead, just in case. Alien spaceships landing in backyards is never unusual or a potential problem.

Jeremy Rizza said...

That's a surprisingly modern-looking costume! The haircut's a deal-breaker, though. It is the Haircut of Evil.

Nate said...

Smallville is so awesome. A week can't go by without rocket ships crash landing there.