Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pop Persuaders, Seamen, and Feeling Up Souls.... It Must be Thursday!

Now, I understand the company's attempt at helping kids manipulate their parents into making this purchase. Turning people's children into shills certainly worked for McDonald's and Kellogg's.

That being said, what is a "Pop Persuader"?

I'm guessing it's either a swift kick in the groin or pictures of Dad with a teenaged male hooker.

New CMNS Policy: Any panel that says the word "seamen" with a straight face gets immortalized here. You get double points for finding references to "homes" for "seamen."

Shenanigans! I realize women like to pretend they have the monopoly on human emotion, but how exactly does one "feel the truth of a soul"? I know they aren't saying anything because you don't want to be the douchebag dressing down the blind woman in front of all her friends, but that's just annoying. Makes you want to just.... I don't know....

Exactly. It makes you want to smack Sue. Thank you, Reed.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha !! That ad was great. I am old enough to remember that Dads always smoked pipes and wore bow-ties whatever they were doing. Perhaps there was a little extra tamped down in there; enough to make Pa say, "Hell, yes !! I'll buy that for the young 'uns !"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Adam, "feel the truth of a soul" . . . on accounta all people with disabilities have Magical Compensatory Powers, dontcha know?

Anonymous said...

How can you read "Aquaman's Home for Seamen" and not laugh?

Will said...

Those kids didn't have to sell dad. That cunning look on his face says it all. "Now that the little bastards are busy with their train set, I'll have time for some fun with the Mrs.!"

Plus, how valuable is it really to feel the truth of a soul? I thought it was more of a have/have-not thing. Are there a lot of fake souls being imported from Taiwan or something?

FoldedSoup said...

That panel never gets old.

Anonymous said...

The souls are from China, and they're painted with lead.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.